Sunday, October 4, 2015

Monsters & Mysteries Month Minds For Moving Moai

As Halloween approaches this year WitchWhats is celebrating October as Monsters & Mysteries Month! On the WW Facebook Page I'll be sharing videos and photos about strange topics to ponder and spooky finds. New creepy art work is being added into my Etsy shop this month, including several monstrous ACEO to collect! Be sure to have a look because most are one-of-a-kind and once sold will be gone.
Now, on to the first mysterious topic this month...

Minds For Moving Moai
 Certainly you've heard about the strange giant heads known as "moai" on an isolated island in the Pacific, but no one seemed certain as to how ancient people moved such heavy chunks of rock... except, that is, for the people. Word-of-mouth from the islanders has it that the statues simply walked into place! This has raised many eyebrows and theories over the years including -- take a guess -- space alien technology. How do you think the mysterious moai statues of Easter Island moved? Maybe they walked indeed!?
 Take a look at this video which examines a massive moment of modern moai motion! Perhaps, this mystery is solved at last.

Happy October!

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Emerald Phallus Egyptian Geb Symbol

Geb & Nut: “Papyris of Tamenill,” ca. 1000 B.C.E
 The ancient Egyptian god of the Earth was Geb, one of nine gods that were said to have been created in the beginning of all. He was also the god of vegetative growth, so sometimes is depicted as a nude man with green skin. Geb was the husband of Nut the Sky Goddess, for whom His desire was so great that at first the pair was constantly engaged in sex. Eventually they had to be separated by Shu the God of air. Because this excited tension between the Earth and the Sky always exists Geb is often shown as a man reclining, with his phallus still pointed towards Nut. As a symbol of sacred Male Mysteries Geb is portrayed within the Emerald Phallus, a symbol of "male beauty incarnate".
Mini hand carved emerald penis by Tree Pruitt
Mini hand carved emerald penis.
 I've carved a genuine emerald phallus from raw rough emerald stone as a symbolic representation of sacred male genitalia; I honor the sacred Masculine as well as the sacred Feminine. Working with picks and files I formed the chunk of stone into a phallic symbol of the Egyptian God Geb, in the natural greens of emerald.

low-grade to areas of AAA grade dark green gem Emerald is very sensitive to pressure and banging gemmy portion Beryl var Emerald with Schorl, Quartz, Biotite ,,, schorl vein a type of of tourmaline

This piece lays flat on its own sparkle black matrix stone, (as shown in photos of the reverse side), and is currently available as shown. It could be enjoyed as a symbol for the God while resting on a Pagan altar as is, or it could be set by a metal artist into unique erotic spiritual jewelry. This hand sculpted emerald could easily be incorporated into many different styles of design. This is a very unique one-of-a-kind item.

 The photographs are all different perspectives of the same item. The coin is shown for size comparrison.

Carved Emerald Phallus Egyptian Geb Symbol by Tree PruittTitle of Piece: Emerald Phallus
Item Number:
Material: natural emerald plus matrix stone gathered from the Western United States
Available: yes, inquire please

More Photos...

Carved Emerald Phallus Egyptian Geb Symbol by Tree Pruitt 

Reverse of Carved Emerald Phallus Egyptian Geb Symbol by Tree Pruitt          Reverse of Carved Emerald Phallus Egyptian Geb Symbol by Tree Pruitt

Bottom edge of Carved Emerald Phallus Egyptian Geb Symbol by Tree PruittTop edge of Carved Emerald Phallus Egyptian Geb Symbol by Tree Pruitt

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Follow The Moon And Sun

Witch Whats presents a spacey side offering the current moon phase plus solar and geomagnetic activity updates, plus access to a Moon calculator to help plan Pagan ceremonial magick and Wicca ritual activity in the future.

Follow the Moon, she says with a smile. Look to the sky and linger a while!


Solar X-rays: Geomagnetic Field: >
From n3kl.org
2015 Calendar of World Religion Sacred Times 

Plan ahead for spells, ceremonies, and rituals with this Moon Calendar

I created this simple little Moon related graphic image from old vintage music papers, and I invite you to use it for free if you feel the need. You may also adapt the images as you see fit... as far as I can tell the image and words are clip art copyright free. Click the image to enlarge and then share as you please.

~~ Tree