Serpent Mound Crop Circle Lights Synchronicity

The following was already reported by myself in a brief call to Coast to Coast Am with George Noory near the time of the sighting, and I later did a full interview with Linda Moulton Howe on what I witnessed, which is available only through her own site Earthfiles.

I was born near The Great Serpent Mound State Memorial and live in the general area today. One year while visiting family, my husband and myself noticed mysterious lights in the sky coming from the direction of the Mound.

I feel like I've been asked by (???) the Universal to bring a topic back to light for some reason. I feel guided to bring this up for someone, but who I cannot know. Because I also felt strong guidance to create this site in the first place for sharing, well then, it stands to reason that I must share my thoughts on a topic that makes me oddly uncomfortable. What's making me nervous, in part, is the heavy synchronicity. I'd been thinking about a drawing I'd not given to either Linda Moulton Howe or Jeff Wilson a couple of years ago. (see below for case details). Life had suddenly become the needed focus of my attention at that time so I simply could not do what they asked. On this night, in 2008, I find that I can't get my mind off of the subject of the 2003 Ohio Crop Circle lights.

First, let me explain the synchronicity. The television, generally turned towards ghostly topics if on at all, tossed out at me this eve the discussion of the Crop Circle again. I did some googling, being curious at last of any further details on the case in which I was personally involved. I read some things that gave me a powerful feeling I sometimes get in the palm of my hand and interpret as a "warning" sensation. I sensed there was some sort of creepy importance in what I was reading, and at the same moment the television program in the background used aloud the same words my eyes were reading on the computer screen! That's synchronicity folks. These sort of things happen to me more now than ever before, that such synchronicity seems to convey direct messages.

The sort of synchronicity I'm talking about cannot be denied. I can try to avoid it when a "message" topic starts to rear up, but just like 11:11 or that movie "23" it will be everywhere; TV, radio, a conversation snippet from a passerby, a newspaper ad. Each time I have relinquished doubt and looked into a subject that was being presented, I always find personal truth or some sort of enlightenment without much effort; in that I'm not trying to convince myself or look for eggs from a chicken, so to say. The point is that I feel very strongly that this communication through synchronicity is valid, no matter what the source. So one could say that I was called back to the topic of crop circles.

Back in 2005, strong synchronicity led me to talk with Linda Moulton Howe about my own eye-witnesses account of lights not far from the famous Great Serpent Mound effigy in Ohio. I hadn't realized there would be a serious interest in what we saw that night until during recording I heard Linda say "For the first time on the record....", and that had some weight to it. :) In 2003 no one seemed interested locally, so I didn't take action, (didn't know about the Independent Crop Circle Researchers Association right here in river city). The main attitude was "so what" or at most a mildly interested "hmmm". There was only a micro mention on the evening news in Cincinnati, but thankfully my sister, living somewhat near Serpent Mound, happened to save her local newspaper. It had a small article and an overhead photograph of the crop circle design. My husband and myself had recently moved back to Ohio from an area of Washington State that had mysterious moving lights in the sky nearly all of the time, so though these lights were different, the subject was rather common place for us. We're rarely surprised at the unexplained in this household, and when unexplainable things happen frequently it becomes hard to tell just what is a "unique experience".

If my local news had mentioned the Independent Crop Circle Researchers Association I certainly would have contacted Jeff Wison the next day. But life has a habit of needing to be lived, so I archived the newspaper and moved on. It wasn't until two years later that an airing of Coast to Coast AM with George Noory resurfaced the topic. I called in, got on the air right away, but George seemed disinterested. Maybe I sounded too kooky, maybe he was distracted at the time, I don't know. I'd recently gotten a first computer so decided to look up Earth Files. Linda was certainly interested. You'll have to be a member of her site to read the details of what I wrote for Linda, but here's her introduction from

“May 9, 2005 Batavia, Ohio - Two years ago, between August and November 2003, four crop formations in soybeans were reported in the mysterious and ancient mound builder's region of southern Ohio. Most important in terms of plant and soil anomalies was the first one discovered on the morning of August 24, 2003, not far from the famous Serpent Mound near Locust Grove, Ohio. The tall soybean plants had been laid down in a geometry based around the Vesica Pisces symbol found so often in British crop formations. Its longest length was 271 feet and there were no tracks around the entire perimeter or inside the extraordinary pattern.

Jeff Wilson, Director of the Independent Crop Circle Researchers Association based in Cincinnati, Ohio, said that soybean crop formations are very rare in the United States and of the 100 American crop formations he had personally investigated by August 2003, "the Serpent Mound pattern is one of the most sophisticated geometries that we've seen." All the electronic testing Jeff and his colleagues did and studies of plant samples have shown statistically significant anomalies. Further, Jeff pointed out that soybeans are "a tough crop to make your way through. It's a vine-like plant, so when you wade through the stuff, you almost have to rip your way through the plants."

What none of us knew in 2003 was there were at least three eyewitnesses the night before (August 23, 2005) at 9 p.m. who watched mysterious lights move for several minutes right over the land near the Serpent Mound. For the first time on the record, Tree Pruitt of Batavia, Ohio, explained what she and her husband and brother-in-law saw during a birthday celebration at her sister's home only about 20 minutes by car from the Serpent Mound.”

When I'd gotten home from that birthday party the night the circle and light show happened, I scribbled out a little drawing, tracing in my mind's eye the pattern the lights made, onto paper. This drawing is previously unpublished and bears a near identical design as the actual crop circle from 2003. Understand that I had not yet seen the crop circle, only the motions of the spheres of light.

Crop Circle doodle by eye-witness Tree Pruitt
*Sketch based upon the movements of mysterious lights in the sky. Notice the pencil shading in the eye like area and how it corresponds to the positive and negative spacing in the actual crop circle pattern shown below.

*Diagram of the crop circle.

An outline of the actual Ohio crop circle design

*Artist rendering showing my eyewitness version of crop circle lights. ©T. Pruitt
Artist rendering of strange lights sighted over 2003 Ohio crop circle, by Tree Pruitt

Detail of above.Detail Artist rendering of strange lights sighted over 2003 Ohio crop circle, by Tree Pruitt

I feel like a sceptic who wants to say "what EVER!" and leave it be, but I've seen too much, and the feeling I got tonight was far too strong to ignore. There's far too much synchronicity all the way around for my personal taste. One of the web pages I was looking at had offered some great images, including the 2003 crop circle in Ohio, . You'll have to scroll down most of the page there, but it's worth it for the illustrations and photo comparisons. In a nutshell, there was a second crop circle, near another sacred mound in Ohio 2004, and it's creepy how close it is to the first one in 2003; I noticed the similarity right away.

What caused that sensation in my hand I mentioned was reading this passage "Shortly after the crop circle’s discovery, a Dutch crop circle researcher named Bert Janssen discovered that the geometry of the larger circles in the Serpent Mound crop formation matched up perfectly with the larger circles in the Miamisburg formation." Bert Janssen’s name specifically seemed to trigger my "spidey senses" but just what it means I cannot say. I do feel there is something important for someone to look into. On his website, Bert Janssen discusses this crop circle geometry.

I just don't know what to make of it all. Of course there's plenty of Google fodder out there for the individual to browse. Available evidence is so very wide spread in divided subject matters! If I look into UFOs and crop circles it always leads to what seems like an episode of Stargate mixed with The X-Files. More founded subjects such as geometry, theoretical and quantum physics often lead down that same road. I think, therein, I've discovered the source of my anxiety and discomfort; my heart pounds for the hunt as I think of it now. In part, I fear that I could be consumed by the desire to search, connect, and immerse myself in the dpeth of such subjects. My plate is already far too full, so to those out there who do want the effort I say, look outside the circle and bring what you find back to the center. The answers are likely to be found in more than several places, broken into bits and pieces. Like a monster waiting in a night time closet, this thing is there... and it's huge.

I welcome comments and will do my best to respond to questions as soon as possible.

Serpent Mound Crop Circle Lights Synchronicity -- Tree Pruit

What Does Conjure This Mean

Within articles and entries here the visitor will notice bold font sections titled "Conjure This". These are areas for me to offer suggestions of methods, activities to try, meditations, and rituals. Ideas for family oriented activities, or crafts are also included at times, but most of my ideas are from the perspective of a solitary practitioner with a like minded partner. In reflection of the singular view, a great many of my concepts fall into the category of personal development. Whether or not a witch is a member of a coven, he or she must face themselves at the end of the day alone. It is our spiritual duty to be the best possible representative of our beliefs, so doing our best to grow and evolve personally serves the God and Goddess as well as our own needs thereby providing karmic relief.

I do my best to write original content for you, but I'll let you know resources I may have referenced when possible. It must be said that the reader uses all advise, remedies or suggestions at their own risk. Always take care when dealing with children, and if you really feel you have emotional or physical difficulties consult an expert.

If you do use any ideas from this site, please share the experience. Comments can be posted here or in our mother  my Guestbook. Suggestions and comments are always welcome!

-- Tree Pruitt

Eco Tips for Sabbats

It's the time of year to harvest the fruits of your labor thus far. We are no longer an agriculturally based society, but our ties to the natural cycles remain, so rather than solely a celebration of literal crop harvesting Lammas (or Lughnasadh) can become a celebration of the unity between mankind and Nature.

As a modern human, you must first ask yourself what is the labor and the fruits that may yield? What have you and the planet done for each other so far this year? Celebrate memories of times you mingled with the energy of a tree or were given guidance by animal messengers; give thanks for signs and omens the Earth has given you. Raising environmental awareness helps the planet, and even simple acts like placing a non-profits banner on your Myspace or Facebook profile could make a difference. Try to dig out the ways you can, or have been, helping the environment or environmental causes.

Get outside and pull some weeds, clean things up a bit. Contacting your local Department of Agriculture can reveal what plant species are on the most wanted list in your state, like the invasive cowslip; you really are helping your local environment by removing destructive non-native plants. Let yourself have fun with it though and enjoy the time outside.
Take a special walk with a loved one sometime between Midsummer and Lammas. The planet loves the spiritual energy created between loving people. Make it count more by taking along a couple of bags and pick up some trash along the way.
One wide scale expression found today is the desire to reduce one's personal impact upon the planet. The Harvest Sabbats can be a great time to review your "carbon count" or "Footprint". A great way to settle down after Lammas celebrations, or to start the morning after, would be to review your own planetary impact. If your household has done this before, then use this as an opportunity to review and compare progress.
If there are children in the family try making a game of recycling throughout the year and keep track; each family member would have an individual recycle bin, which is not unreasonable considering today's consumerism. Mark totals in a notebook when recycling or trash day comes around. At the after Lammas review, the person who was able to recycle the most (total number of bin loads in the year) wins some sort of prize. Make sure the prize reflects your family activity level; winner gets out of chores, or gets to pick the next family activity or movie, perhaps offer the option for "carbon cash" so children can save up the fruits of their own labor. You can use carbon cash for other events through the year, like an allowance. Just what you use as the cash itself is up to you; get creative with scrap paper from printer out put. Giving children a visible reward, rather than abstract rewards such as a donation, helps them learn the value of right action; at earlier ages let it all be fun, older kids can handle the concept of moral choices and self sacrifice but that's too heavy for the tots.
Celebrate and discover the different ways you can harvest the fruits of your own yearly labor.

* Here's a carbon footprint calculator (An Inconvenient Truth)

Ambrosia's Realm of Graphics

Midsummer Full Moon Howl

Ready to howl at tonight's Full Moon? Ahh-oo-ahh!!! Yes, that was supposed to be a howl; perhaps a big ROO like my crystal crazy Gypsy dog would offer? Ah, well then... June 18 offers us a warm time Full moon to dance under! Here in Southern Ohio the Summer air has been cool and mostly clear promising a brilliant glowing ball this eve. Ready for a lunatic fringe? A great night to be on the prowl, indeed!

Being called the Strong Sun Moon, this is a time for nurturing relationships, friends & family, garden spirits & fey; but don't forget about hot sex magick! Also known as the Lover's Moon, the forces at work, including the Midsummer Sabbat Litha just around the corner, make this an excellent time to work with your partner.

Peaking at 1:30 pm, this day marks the center of the three days of Full Moon power; a day before, the day of & the day after full. The light of those moons is great for spiritually cleansing many items, but be aware that any object set outside might be considered as an offering by some critter or creature. Indoor windowsills work just fine for capturing the cleansing rays of the Lunar sphere. This is the positive, or constructive, time for magick. The Strong Sun Moon, because it's energy is all about polarity, is also a great time to spellwork or pray for balance in life and being.

CONJURE THIS: Find a quiet place during the three days of the Strong Sun Moon; your altar or meditation spot are both excellent locations, but a fortunate witch has an oak or maple tree to rest against in contemplation. You're going to think -- don't worry, it won't hurt! You may choose to enjoy these thoughts inwardly, or take along a journal so you can refer back to the results later; gain a little 20/20 for plans next year. This simple exercise can help you grow in your personal understanding, and just how far that goes is up to you.

Enter a calm state using your chosen method. If you have one of those trees, then snuggle your back up to it and let your energies mingle. A strand, word chain, or series of questions is a great way to get the thought bubbles rolling. What is this moontime about? Strong Sun Moon, Lover's Moon, Midsummer Moon, polarity, opposites, balance, Force and Form, man to woman, Sun and Moon, microcosm and macrocosm, Goddess to God, Heaven and Earth, darkness vs light, death of Winter to life of Summer .............

You get the idea. Do this as long as you like, end when you're comfortable. It's free flowing thought that can reveal deeper meaning; that's why I think it's a good idea to write it down, not just because I offer blank books to buy. You might discover lines to use in a Litha ritual or prayer of your own design. The chant like process could even help build excitement energy for the Sabbat to come, but if you're overwhelmed with the urge to run around the tree a couple of time before then its fine to do so, as long as your doctor would agree. Be sure to have written the year in your notes. Next year, look back on what you wrote. Maybe do the exercise again and compare. Like the Midsummer crops, watch the growing ripen!

- some information referenced from Moon Phase Magic

The oak and maple await.

Meaning of the Cauldron

ABOUT THE CAULDRON: Meaning of the Cauldron in Myth, Modern Neo-paganism & Wicca. Why does a cauldron have three legs?

A cauldron or caldron (from Latin caldarium, hot bath) is a large metal pot (kettle) for cooking and/or boiling over an open fire, with a large mouth and usually attached to a hanger with the shape of an arc. Cauldrons have fallen out of use nowadays in the industrialized world as the main cooking vessels they once were. The cauldron is special in many forms of society. A photograph with this article (1) shows preparations for matriculation day at a school in Botswana. Food is usually prepared in the school kitchens, but for a feast, special outdoor cauldron pots are pressed into service. Cauldrons became associated with witchcraft, as a cliché popularized by various fictions, including the play Macbeth. In such fantastic fiction, witches often prepare their potions in a cauldron. Also, in legend, a cauldron is purported to be where leprechauns keep their treasure. Taliesin, the founder of bard craft, was said to be born of the Celtic Goddess, Cerridwen, who had a supernatural magic cauldron. Taliesin consumed a potion from Her sacred cauldron, thus gaining the creativity and inspiration to birth the idea of bard song. In Neo-paganism and Wicca the cauldron is a tool of great importance. Used by both modern witches in folk magic and those of the Wiccan faith for cooking herbal remedies, burning spell papers and ingredients, or used as a ritual vessel during ceremony to hold salt or water. A cauldron can be made of most any material, but cast iron and copper are the most common. For practical uses a metal cauldron provides the safest container for cooking and burning, especially since they usually hang or sit on three legs allowing good air flow. Cauldron shaped pots or kettles of other materials such as stoneware and glass can be spiritually cleansed and re-claimed as ritual or ceremonial tools too. They make wonderful candle holders, scrying bowls for divination, and are much better for holding liquids and salt because those substances can damage metal. It requires each of the elements to create a metal cauldron. Such a cauldron could be seen as a symbol of the four elements; earth, air fire, water combined in both function and form.
Beside being a practical tool, the cauldron is a spiritual symbol to many. Traditionally the witches' cauldron has three legs no matter what the material it's making. This is seen to be in reference to the Goddess in Her Triple Goddess aspect of Maiden, Mother, and Crone. It could also represent three main stages of life; as in birth, life and then of course death. The symbolic meaning of the cauldron is typically seen to be the Mother Goddess. The plump shape mocks the womb of the Earth; Mother Nature. Because we come from a womb when we are born and are, in most cases, placed in the earth when we die the cauldron is also a symbol of rebirth. The afterlife for ancient Celtic people, and many in Wicca today, is known as "The Cauldron of Rebirth" (Tír na nÓg, Tir na nog or the Land of the Ever-Young). The belief is that those who die pass into the Cauldron of Rebirth before being reincarnated. It's easy to understand this transmutation when we consider the observation that ingredients going into a cooking pot are generally dead plant and animal portions. After being cooked, the resulting substance gives life supporting energy for the human body.Ironic in this modern era, the association of food with the cauldron is found in a masculine rather than feminine example. The Dagda, who's name means, "The Good God", was the High King (Father of the Gods) of the Tuatha Dé Danann, the supernatural beings who inhabited Ireland prior to the coming of the Celts. The Dagda had a magic cauldron known for great abundance. The cauldron was bottomless, capable of feeding an army; no one would go hungry in its presence. As the Cauldron of Rebirth it appears in the story of 'Branwen, Daughter of Llyr' and is used by the Irish to resurrect their own dead soldiers; they arise to fight the next day but they cannot speak. Being mute perhaps prevented them from telling the secret mysteries of the Underworld. As a Halloween decoration or sacred ritual tool, the cauldron remains nearly as relevant today as it has through time.

References, in addition to the following, include general knowledge of lore from a wide variety of educational resources as well as personal experience.
Description= Preparations for matriculation day at Lotsane Senior Secondary School, Palapye, Botswana. Foood is usually prepared in the school kitchens, but for a feast, outdoor pots ("falkirks") are pressed into service. Take)
* Image #2, Ambrosia's Realm of Graphics

* Meaning of the Cauldron in Myth, Modern Neo-paganism & Wicca "About the Cauldron", 2007 by Tree Pruitt.

Light in the Closet Attacks Dog

The following is my own eye witness account. It is true; though who can say for sure if it was indeed a ghost? There are other documented reports of such a shifting light as I had seen. I know the house I used to live in is haunted without doubt, in part, because the roommate we DIDN'T have told a guest so one day; Our guest refused to visit again after our so-called roommate evaporated in front of his eyes! If I gave out the address of the place I'd bet folks from town would have plenty of stories to share about that house! It is the key factor that re-sparked my interest as an adult in the paranormal. Once there was little mystery, when I knew who they were and basically what went on in the house, it didn't feel harmful or scary. I'm still a HUGE chicken though. ;)

------------------ What Happened -------------------------------
Alone for the night in an old house in a new town, a discomforting feeling had crept up my spine causing me to shiver. The place felt empty and exposed with my husband off to work for the evening, but I told myself there was little to worry about with our three large dogs in the house. Turn on some radio, I thought, music will pick up the mood. I settled down in my studio space for an evening devoted to painting.
Billie Holiday crooned a soulful tune while I found a groove of my own. Colored blobs of paint sat ready on the pallet, so my brushes dipped and went to work. Things were moving along smoothly, and I soon lost track of time. I was pulled out my concentration by the sound of a whine from the next room, the center of the house. Since the bedroom, where the dogs were sleeping, was open to that center room I figured it was time for a canine potty break.
"Anyone need to go out... outside?" I hollered again around the doorway. No response; no thumping of feet and wagging tails to confirm the need of swift elimination. I figured our bullmastiff must be dreaming again; he often had what seemed to be bad dreams that would cause him to cry out in his sleep. I went back to the task of getting my inner vision onto canvas.
A short while later I noticed my focus had shifted. Something had changed for a moment, as if I'd blinked my eyes very slowly. I leaned back from the easel to rub my eyes, but then, there it was again; the light has changed slightly. What the ... I wondered to myself, so I leaned far back in my chair to peek into the center room. The ceiling fan light lights were flickering softly. Oh great, I thought, an electrical short sounds expensive and down right dangerous. Then I noticed the bulbs weren't going out all of the way, and so thought there might be a situation with the power in the area; maybe surges.
I stood up. Turning my back to the open doorway, I decided to check out the front widow to see if there were street lights flickering. Everything seemed fine, so I turned to go back to the painting. Now, the ceiling fan blades were slowly turning! I looked at a hanging plant; maybe we'd just had an earthquake, but the plant wasn't moving. At that moment I heard a rhythmic tick, tick, tick, tick. The blades of the fan were moving so fast that the motor housing was clicking from the motion. Since I was painting with fast drying water media the last thing I wanted was a hard air flow! I rushed into the center room to turn the darn thing off.
The fan stopped before I even got to the doorway. It was a distance of about fourteen feet, but it had stopped all the way before I could even get into that room. I paused out of surprise, but decided I'd better shut it off anyway. On into the center room I went, only to be stopped again by the sight of the dogs sitting lined up in a row and the cat too! Four animals sat still like garden statues, staring off into the adjacent bedroom. I giggled because I'd never seen such a thing. Even at the sound of my laughter the animals didn't move. What ARE you guys looking at? I chuckled again. Peering into the bedroom stopped my laughter. There was something on the shelf above the closet; A basketball sized sphere of glowing green light began to pulse. It had dimension, and seemed to have weight, as it was causing an indent in the plastic bags of Summer clothes it rested upon.
When I stepped forward to go into the room our dog, Deyanna, moved for the first time. She blocked my path. Then everything changed. The thing at the top of the closet moved! It began to slowly rise up in the air, at the same time the cat flew sideways; hissing and spitting. The two female dogs jumped to either side, leaving the bullmastiff lone center. He spun round in place, facing me now instead of the bedroom. Poor Harvey was frozen in place with eyes wide, while the light in the closet lifted higher up. It hovered just a moment, free floating a full foot in the air, before drifting forward ... and down towards us!
Now everything seemed to shift to slow motion except for the sphere. As it sped on, it got smaller and seemed to change colors with each size shift. The cat was still hissing, but no one moved. There looked to be a darker core to the sphere that got darker still as the size grew smaller. At the point when the light reached Harvey's back it was the size of a baseball and sunshine yellow in color. It hit Harvey right between the shoulder blades, causing him to let out a horrid wailing yelp! Continuing on a straight line from its closet nest, the light passed through my bullmastiff and out his chest on the other side! When it came out, the light was as small as a golf ball and solid, vibrant white. It shot right into the floor! Still wailing, Harvey arched his back wildly. He reared up on his hind legs and his front legs were thrust apart at an improbable angle. Suddenly it was as if we all were able to move again ... so we did! It was a good thing I got to the front door first or I think we'd have had a new doggy door!
One cat, three big dogs, and one small woman trying not to wet herself dashed out to the sidewalk. For a moment the five of us stood there, stunned. Harvest began to shiver, so I set about checking him over. His pupils were pin points in the night, but he seemed unharmed. While running my hands over his body I noticed an area of his chest was hot to the touch! Just under his breast bone area was a golf ball sized super heated section of skin and fur, but thankfully no visible mark. I sat down on the sidewalk with my pets and began to wonder about my sanity. I replayed the scene in my mind a dozen times while looking around for a possible source for the light to have originated outside. Because my husband was working overnights at the time, we'd put dark plastic and heavy blankets over the single window in the bedroom. I began to wonder if the coverings had fallen aside to allow passing headlights into the room. There was only a narrow space between houses, but light could have reflected to be directed into my bedroom. I stood up and walked towards the house.
The animals followed me to the edge of the porch where we all again sat down. I wasn't in a big hurry to rush back inside. I though again about what I'd seen. It didn't make sense but it sure seemed to be real enough to hurt my dog. I began to feel very protective of my animal pals and decided I'd better take a rational look around the house. I'd left the door open when we ran outside, so I could see into the now quiet, empty house. I got up and went inside.
Slowly I walked into that center room. The bedroom door had long since been removed, offering a gaping view of the closet. The bedroom was as dark as it should be, with the window sealed tight. I bent down to run my fingers over the spot where the light had disappeared only to find that the surface of the floor was still warm! At that moment the cat hissed from the front doorway and Deyanna sharply barked towards me. I ran back to the porch, slamming the door shut behind me.
When my husband came home from work in the morning he found his five housemates on the front porch, waiting. I know he didn't believe the story I told at first telling, but the animals changed his mind. That next day they refused to come into the house at all. For several days later the dogs would scurry past the bedroom to get to the backyard door. They wouldn't play in the large center room ever again without a human with them. For over a year, each time she'd pass the bedroom doorway, the cat would pause to offer a nasty hiss towards the closet.
There were few other houses available that met our needs, so we stayed. The old little house continued to give us stories to tell; but those are for another time.

-- written by Tree Pruitt, "Light in the Closet; A True Ghostly Tale"

First Things About My Wands

Wiccan Wands by artist Tree; maker of hand crafted wooden wands for use in ceremonial magic, Pagan and Wiccan ritual... see and learn more at my special blog for my darling wand babies at

About the Wand
First, I must say, do not think of this as a total account of the wand. The following is based upon my personal experience, research, and beliefs. Please do surf around the Net for a variety of sites and articles devoted to the magick wand; and don't neglect your local library as a resource. Use different search terms to get different results (magick, magic). As with all things in modern witchcraft, Wicca and neo-paganism, the gold is what feels best and right to the individual. I feel, however, that we must also look to the tried and tested experience of the past. The truth of current written knowledge of the history and proper use of the wand has been diluted with far too many years of interpretation and untruths to be trusted fully as iron clad fact. We magic users of today must perform our own trial and error tests and trust upon our inner Guidance to find what is right and true about the wand for ourselves.

In crafting the wands that I offer a variety of primitive or ancient methods are used. Each wand is carefully hand crafted from natural materials, though I do use modern adhesives to hold secure stones and decorative accents. They are unique works of art, never duplicated. Very few of my wands are ever perfectly straight, because they aren't forced into shape like a dowel rod; each branch used is allowed to express its own peculiarities and individual personality. My inspiration is taken from a variety of historical and religious references. Most often, wands and talking sticks are made from species of woods held to be sacred by the Celtic Druids and Native American people.
One of the great pleasures of the art of wand making is to let the Self become open to the voices of Nature, entering a trance like state while crafting. At such times guidance from the inner self, or Higher Powers, can move through the artist emotionally, and a wand design can seem to create itself. It is, in fact, a communion with the Divine, and such creative acts are seen by some to be a call to service; such as is the priesthood or nunnery in the Christian faith. As artists, we cannot be certain if creativity calls us to wand making or if wand making calls forth the creative Muse; The answer matters little, for we do the job we are compelled to do with joy.

Many of my hand crafted wands have a magickal core and are accented with helpful stones. The method I generally use is to insert a small hand tool into the end of the wand before embedding the stone. I hollow out a tiny chamber for natural totem animal objects such as herbs, seeds, feathers, fur, bone, tooth, or claw. The "core" object is then sealed inside the wand with a pommel stone or other end cap. The user will never actually see three hairs of a black bear inside a wand they are using, but it will lend its energy non-the-less.
Though some would claim that JKR created the concept of a magickal "core" of a wand, I've personally been adding magick materials to the center of wands, talking sticks, and rattle handles for many years before the birth of Harry Potter. I came upon the concept through Native American anthropology studies of totem uses and medicine bags, and also some ancient magic studies*. I don't use pretend items like "Dragon Scales" or "Griffin Feather"; this is real magick and I use real totem animal items from real world creatures such as bear, fox, wolf, deer -- just as our fore fathers might have in days of old. A wand doesn't need to have anything at all extra inside or on it; in truth any non rotting stick of wood will do, but it can certainly add to the confidence in one's magick making to know the physical presence of a stone or totem helper is near. Deciding upon purchasing a wand with or without a magickal core center is a matter of personal desire.

The Art of Wandmaking -- How I Make Hand Carved Wooden Wands; Do's & Don'ts

Each wand, and talking stick, is as individual as the trees that grow from the Earth. No two can ever be the same in color, grain, or Spirit, when the individual character is allowed to emerge.

I Don't....- craft altar tools when in a negative mood... ever!
- make wands of copper pipes or pre-fabricated tubes, or dowel rods
- use Fimo or other un-natural type products, other than adhesives
- use machines or turn on a lathe
- mass-produce
- kill or harm trees or animals when harvesting materials, (bacteria and small insects are removed when I sterilize the wood though, and it can't be helped much in this modern day of health concerns)
- take special orders, (as stated in a now pop culture phrase ... "the wand chooses the wizard")
- sell used wands (All of my wands are new and have not been previously used. My husband and myself may wave them about to test balance, heft, and energy, but we feel that testing them out in actual magick practice would open the bonding process with the wand; as if it were our own to keep.)
- use plastic (otherwise known as "the P word" around here!)

I Do....
- make wands of wood with other natural materials
- clean and heat sterilize away bacteria and insects
- follow Spiritual Guidance tempered with knowledge when crafting
- work with all hand tools, some are primitive rocks and stones used as tools
- craft ritual tools during the Constructive phase of the Moon and only in a positive mind set
- make each wand as its own special creation, a unique work of art never duplicated
- use natural materials
- use re-claimed materials; some animal fur may come from vintage or antique clothing, some wand branches may have fallen from the mother tree by wind or rain, rather than having been collected green.
- use environmentally friendly varnish on some creations
- use modern adhesives; my works are inspired by ancient cultures, but are not intended to represent themselves as reproductions, unless otherwise stated in an individual item description, therefore I feel modern adhesives are fine and practical to use.

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