Light in the Closet Attacks Dog

The following is my own eye witness account. It is true; though who can say for sure if it was indeed a ghost? There are other documented reports of such a shifting light as I had seen. I know the house I used to live in is haunted without doubt, in part, because the roommate we DIDN'T have told a guest so one day; Our guest refused to visit again after our so-called roommate evaporated in front of his eyes! If I gave out the address of the place I'd bet folks from town would have plenty of stories to share about that house! It is the key factor that re-sparked my interest as an adult in the paranormal. Once there was little mystery, when I knew who they were and basically what went on in the house, it didn't feel harmful or scary. I'm still a HUGE chicken though. ;)

------------------ What Happened -------------------------------
Alone for the night in an old house in a new town, a discomforting feeling had crept up my spine causing me to shiver. The place felt empty and exposed with my husband off to work for the evening, but I told myself there was little to worry about with our three large dogs in the house. Turn on some radio, I thought, music will pick up the mood. I settled down in my studio space for an evening devoted to painting.
Billie Holiday crooned a soulful tune while I found a groove of my own. Colored blobs of paint sat ready on the pallet, so my brushes dipped and went to work. Things were moving along smoothly, and I soon lost track of time. I was pulled out my concentration by the sound of a whine from the next room, the center of the house. Since the bedroom, where the dogs were sleeping, was open to that center room I figured it was time for a canine potty break.
"Anyone need to go out... outside?" I hollered again around the doorway. No response; no thumping of feet and wagging tails to confirm the need of swift elimination. I figured our bullmastiff must be dreaming again; he often had what seemed to be bad dreams that would cause him to cry out in his sleep. I went back to the task of getting my inner vision onto canvas.
A short while later I noticed my focus had shifted. Something had changed for a moment, as if I'd blinked my eyes very slowly. I leaned back from the easel to rub my eyes, but then, there it was again; the light has changed slightly. What the ... I wondered to myself, so I leaned far back in my chair to peek into the center room. The ceiling fan light lights were flickering softly. Oh great, I thought, an electrical short sounds expensive and down right dangerous. Then I noticed the bulbs weren't going out all of the way, and so thought there might be a situation with the power in the area; maybe surges.
I stood up. Turning my back to the open doorway, I decided to check out the front widow to see if there were street lights flickering. Everything seemed fine, so I turned to go back to the painting. Now, the ceiling fan blades were slowly turning! I looked at a hanging plant; maybe we'd just had an earthquake, but the plant wasn't moving. At that moment I heard a rhythmic tick, tick, tick, tick. The blades of the fan were moving so fast that the motor housing was clicking from the motion. Since I was painting with fast drying water media the last thing I wanted was a hard air flow! I rushed into the center room to turn the darn thing off.
The fan stopped before I even got to the doorway. It was a distance of about fourteen feet, but it had stopped all the way before I could even get into that room. I paused out of surprise, but decided I'd better shut it off anyway. On into the center room I went, only to be stopped again by the sight of the dogs sitting lined up in a row and the cat too! Four animals sat still like garden statues, staring off into the adjacent bedroom. I giggled because I'd never seen such a thing. Even at the sound of my laughter the animals didn't move. What ARE you guys looking at? I chuckled again. Peering into the bedroom stopped my laughter. There was something on the shelf above the closet; A basketball sized sphere of glowing green light began to pulse. It had dimension, and seemed to have weight, as it was causing an indent in the plastic bags of Summer clothes it rested upon.
When I stepped forward to go into the room our dog, Deyanna, moved for the first time. She blocked my path. Then everything changed. The thing at the top of the closet moved! It began to slowly rise up in the air, at the same time the cat flew sideways; hissing and spitting. The two female dogs jumped to either side, leaving the bullmastiff lone center. He spun round in place, facing me now instead of the bedroom. Poor Harvey was frozen in place with eyes wide, while the light in the closet lifted higher up. It hovered just a moment, free floating a full foot in the air, before drifting forward ... and down towards us!
Now everything seemed to shift to slow motion except for the sphere. As it sped on, it got smaller and seemed to change colors with each size shift. The cat was still hissing, but no one moved. There looked to be a darker core to the sphere that got darker still as the size grew smaller. At the point when the light reached Harvey's back it was the size of a baseball and sunshine yellow in color. It hit Harvey right between the shoulder blades, causing him to let out a horrid wailing yelp! Continuing on a straight line from its closet nest, the light passed through my bullmastiff and out his chest on the other side! When it came out, the light was as small as a golf ball and solid, vibrant white. It shot right into the floor! Still wailing, Harvey arched his back wildly. He reared up on his hind legs and his front legs were thrust apart at an improbable angle. Suddenly it was as if we all were able to move again ... so we did! It was a good thing I got to the front door first or I think we'd have had a new doggy door!
One cat, three big dogs, and one small woman trying not to wet herself dashed out to the sidewalk. For a moment the five of us stood there, stunned. Harvest began to shiver, so I set about checking him over. His pupils were pin points in the night, but he seemed unharmed. While running my hands over his body I noticed an area of his chest was hot to the touch! Just under his breast bone area was a golf ball sized super heated section of skin and fur, but thankfully no visible mark. I sat down on the sidewalk with my pets and began to wonder about my sanity. I replayed the scene in my mind a dozen times while looking around for a possible source for the light to have originated outside. Because my husband was working overnights at the time, we'd put dark plastic and heavy blankets over the single window in the bedroom. I began to wonder if the coverings had fallen aside to allow passing headlights into the room. There was only a narrow space between houses, but light could have reflected to be directed into my bedroom. I stood up and walked towards the house.
The animals followed me to the edge of the porch where we all again sat down. I wasn't in a big hurry to rush back inside. I though again about what I'd seen. It didn't make sense but it sure seemed to be real enough to hurt my dog. I began to feel very protective of my animal pals and decided I'd better take a rational look around the house. I'd left the door open when we ran outside, so I could see into the now quiet, empty house. I got up and went inside.
Slowly I walked into that center room. The bedroom door had long since been removed, offering a gaping view of the closet. The bedroom was as dark as it should be, with the window sealed tight. I bent down to run my fingers over the spot where the light had disappeared only to find that the surface of the floor was still warm! At that moment the cat hissed from the front doorway and Deyanna sharply barked towards me. I ran back to the porch, slamming the door shut behind me.
When my husband came home from work in the morning he found his five housemates on the front porch, waiting. I know he didn't believe the story I told at first telling, but the animals changed his mind. That next day they refused to come into the house at all. For several days later the dogs would scurry past the bedroom to get to the backyard door. They wouldn't play in the large center room ever again without a human with them. For over a year, each time she'd pass the bedroom doorway, the cat would pause to offer a nasty hiss towards the closet.
There were few other houses available that met our needs, so we stayed. The old little house continued to give us stories to tell; but those are for another time.

-- written by Tree Pruitt, "Light in the Closet; A True Ghostly Tale"

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