Midsummer Full Moon Howl

Ready to howl at tonight's Full Moon? Ahh-oo-ahh!!! Yes, that was supposed to be a howl; perhaps a big ROO like my crystal crazy Gypsy dog would offer? Ah, well then... June 18 offers us a warm time Full moon to dance under! Here in Southern Ohio the Summer air has been cool and mostly clear promising a brilliant glowing ball this eve. Ready for a lunatic fringe? A great night to be on the prowl, indeed!

Being called the Strong Sun Moon, this is a time for nurturing relationships, friends & family, garden spirits & fey; but don't forget about hot sex magick! Also known as the Lover's Moon, the forces at work, including the Midsummer Sabbat Litha just around the corner, make this an excellent time to work with your partner.

Peaking at 1:30 pm, this day marks the center of the three days of Full Moon power; a day before, the day of & the day after full. The light of those moons is great for spiritually cleansing many items, but be aware that any object set outside might be considered as an offering by some critter or creature. Indoor windowsills work just fine for capturing the cleansing rays of the Lunar sphere. This is the positive, or constructive, time for magick. The Strong Sun Moon, because it's energy is all about polarity, is also a great time to spellwork or pray for balance in life and being.

CONJURE THIS: Find a quiet place during the three days of the Strong Sun Moon; your altar or meditation spot are both excellent locations, but a fortunate witch has an oak or maple tree to rest against in contemplation. You're going to think -- don't worry, it won't hurt! You may choose to enjoy these thoughts inwardly, or take along a journal so you can refer back to the results later; gain a little 20/20 for plans next year. This simple exercise can help you grow in your personal understanding, and just how far that goes is up to you.

Enter a calm state using your chosen method. If you have one of those trees, then snuggle your back up to it and let your energies mingle. A strand, word chain, or series of questions is a great way to get the thought bubbles rolling. What is this moontime about? Strong Sun Moon, Lover's Moon, Midsummer Moon, polarity, opposites, balance, Force and Form, man to woman, Sun and Moon, microcosm and macrocosm, Goddess to God, Heaven and Earth, darkness vs light, death of Winter to life of Summer .............

You get the idea. Do this as long as you like, end when you're comfortable. It's free flowing thought that can reveal deeper meaning; that's why I think it's a good idea to write it down, not just because I offer blank books to buy. You might discover lines to use in a Litha ritual or prayer of your own design. The chant like process could even help build excitement energy for the Sabbat to come, but if you're overwhelmed with the urge to run around the tree a couple of time before then its fine to do so, as long as your doctor would agree. Be sure to have written the year in your notes. Next year, look back on what you wrote. Maybe do the exercise again and compare. Like the Midsummer crops, watch the growing ripen!

- some information referenced from Moon Phase Magic

The oak and maple await.

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