What Does Conjure This Mean

Within articles and entries here the visitor will notice bold font sections titled "Conjure This". These are areas for me to offer suggestions of methods, activities to try, meditations, and rituals. Ideas for family oriented activities, or crafts are also included at times, but most of my ideas are from the perspective of a solitary practitioner with a like minded partner. In reflection of the singular view, a great many of my concepts fall into the category of personal development. Whether or not a witch is a member of a coven, he or she must face themselves at the end of the day alone. It is our spiritual duty to be the best possible representative of our beliefs, so doing our best to grow and evolve personally serves the God and Goddess as well as our own needs thereby providing karmic relief.

I do my best to write original content for you, but I'll let you know resources I may have referenced when possible. It must be said that the reader uses all advise, remedies or suggestions at their own risk. Always take care when dealing with children, and if you really feel you have emotional or physical difficulties consult an expert.

If you do use any ideas from this site, please share the experience. Comments can be posted here or in our mother  my Guestbook. Suggestions and comments are always welcome!

-- Tree Pruitt

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