Blue Moon Magic

Mondays musing arrives late this week due to unexpected life circumstances, which calls the matter of time to my attention. Wednesday is the awaited Winter Blue Moon!
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 A Blue Moon is the rather rare occurrence of a second Full Moon within the same month. Being so close to the Winter Solstice lends an extra potency of magic energy to this already powerful second moon. Any Blue Moon is going to be a terrific time to do spells to help you realize goals, find strength and aide healing, so this moon falling at the end of the year makes for mighty New Year's Resolutions; Be clear and direct about your need, or new goal, and you will find the strength to follow through! A Blue Moon is also a time known for passion and the wishes of countless lovers have been made under its light. Wednesday night offers the opportunity for love spells or to discover the identity of a future spouse, indeed all divination performed on this night will have a boost of prophetic power. So step out into the light and cast a spell, make a wish, or simply admire the celestial beauty.

*Conjure This: For general good luck throughout the year take a coin that has been found and bury it in the ground under the light of the Blue Moon.


Winter Solstice Morning

Ambrosia Graphics Wheel of the YearFor today's musing we're greeted by the Winter Solstice, 12:47 PM Eastern, USA. This Solstice morning is deeply quiet with no wind at all. I performed a small ceremony outside long before the sun rise; Small to be quick because it is quite cold! The land is enveloped in a blanket of snow & when I was out there earlier a gentle peppering of fresh flakes were falling. The open field behind my patio held a treasure trove of fresh animal tracks not yet frozen; Though the night was still there was obviously much activity hidden around the area. I noted foot prints of several sizes of deer, rabbit, fox, raccoon & what was certainly the neighborhood feral cats. The Earth this morn was vibrant & seemed more alive to me than She had since I experienced Her shake me up as an earthquake; the presence of the Goddess shimmered in darkened stillness.

Stag bell previously sold at the Curio Castle Shoppe at EtsyAfter I finished my ritual I heard a rustling noise to my right. I looked out over the white field to see a silhouette of antlers! I froze in place & for a moment thought I must surely be seeing a log or fallen tree branch, but then remembered the field was clear from harvest. At that moment the suspicious tree branch turned & in moving forward I could then clearly see it was a stag walking over the slight rise of a hill; Oh, he was stunning to behold back-lit by the reflective water of a pond in the distant! Just a few moments prior to this I had been speaking the words of my ritual aloud so I'm certain the deer knew I was there too. He moved a little closer & seemed to indeed be watching me in return. We both stood still for quite some time before I decided he was in fact a little too close & I was a little too far from my patio door. Besides, my fingers were getting numb & the time to go just felt right. Indeed I felt the Divine presence of both the Goddess & God on this Winter Solstice morning! Now, the sun is beginning to rise at last. I think I'll step outside. May your day be bright with Yuletide blessings!

Don't forget that on December 31 there will be a rare Blue Moon PLUS a partial Lunar Eclipse! High time for magic!

About This Site

Greetings! I'm Tree and this site is my magick inspired blog and paranormal experience journal. It features witchcraft information from the hedge and hearth, haunting ghost encounters, handmade ritual tools such as wands and rattles, Wicca and Pagan information, free spells and amulets to try, plus original art inspired by these topics.

 "Witch Whats" is also the title of a section in my ArtFire store, where you can shop my handmade Wiccan, Pagan, Neo-Shamanic, and witchcraft goods. I also made a Twitter connected Facebook Page titled Witch Whats for the comments and posts a bit too small to blog and sharing the little treasures that social media can reveal.
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I'm an artist & polytheistic solitary Wiccan. Not all Wiccans use magick or spells of any kind, but I do consider myself to be a Hedge Witch as well. For over 30 years I've been in private study & practice of the occult, metaphysical sciences & neo-Paganism with a strong interest in sympathetic magick -- both ancient & modern within world cultures. I enjoy sharing the things that I learn & create, so that is my motivation for creating this site. I've also had quite a few uncommon experiences throughout my life -- paranormal, spiritual, psychic, cryptology, ufology -- a blog is a wonderful way to unpack those memories & possibly gain new insight too.

 *Using stuff from this site:
I do my best to write original content for you, and some of the images are my own art work, but I'll let you know resources I may have reference when possible. You may USE the text I write here, but not for profit or personal gain; it's copyrighted so please don't re-post it on your own retail site, don't charge anyone a fee for access to information written by Tree Pruitt, don't change the words around and try to use it as your own in any form other than brief quotation and review or your own personal use.

If you use any ideas from this site, such as in "Conjure This" sections, please do share the experience with others. Comments can be posted here under each topic entry.
ALL GRAPHICS must be credited to the original owner if copied from this site. Most of the graphics I use were generously offered for free use, with a return link by two main resources or made by myself.
*Ambrosia's Realm of Graphics

It must be said that the reader uses all advise, remedies, or suggestions at their own risk. Always take care when dealing with children in any regards but especially when taking advise from others; use your own discretion. If you feel you have emotional or physical difficulties consult an expert before using herbal or home remedies.

Together we learn & grow.

Selena Fox Talk Radio

The latest news from the Circle Times mailing list graced my email inbox recently. I was happy to read that Selena Fox of Circle Sanctuary will be the featured guest on "PagansTonight" Internet Radio Wednesday December 2, from 9 - 10 pm Central Standard Time. I've listened to Selena Fox speak online before and have found her to be charming while filled with good information to share. She's very well spoken on a wide variety of spiritual and metaphysical topics, so there's no telling where the conversation may lead! There's a phone number so that you can call into the show to influence the direction things take. :)
CALL IN: 347-308-8222

Circle Times is the email newsletter from Circle Sanctuary. Longer ago than I care to tell you, I reached out with questions in the then uncharted realm of Wicca, and 'Circle' rallied to the call. So this Pagan organization has my heart in a special way that no religion alone could, and is my inspiration for openly sharing the things I've learned and experienced over the years. They also publish a fantastic magazine that really gives a solitary witch the feel of community connection -- you should check it out!
Goodness to all as we head towards the Solstice!

Pagan Degrees for Children

Being a modern Pagan often requires one to be a creative individual because the majority of Pagans and Wiccans are self taught by necessity. It's a big responsibility we undertake willingly for the benefit of our beliefs, but what to do when the family grows and we become responsible for the education of a Pagan child or teen? One can't simply toss down a stack of books saying "Have at it, kid! It's the way I did it". A child doesn't learn the alphabet by singing "ABZFGR" because they need the structure of "ABC" and "123". Especially if you and your spouse are solitary in practise, without the support of a group environment, finding structure can be a real challenge. Take heart, for there is hope from a new book out now that may provide the structured system that many Pagan families lack.

Pagan Degrees for Children is a new book by Shanddaramon, the author of several published books and articles on Paganism. This book describes a system of teaching children concepts about Paganism and good living through three degrees. Each degree is designed for a different age group and children from 5-18 can learn through hands-on learning and exploration. The system is designed to be very flexible to many situations, children, and learning styles because all work is done with a parent or other adults who work individually with the students.

The publishing company, Astor Press, has provided us with a PDF excerpt so that we may preview the contents of the book, or visit the link above for more information. The author seems to provide suggestions for children, especially teens, distracted from lessons or exhibiting a short attention span, and provides positive encouragement. I was pleased to see comparisons with the system of organizations like Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America. Being a former Troop Leader and Girl Scout myself, I can avow to the satisfaction kids receive when earning badges and rising through degrees; It works because it's fun to feel successful!

According to his website the author, Shanddaramon, is a brother and ordained minister in the Sacred Order of Living Paganism (S.O.L.P.) - a spiritual order of men and women dedicated to a deep study and practice of Paganism. He teaches classes, lectures and tutors students in Pagan studies; is a Pagan pastoral counselor; teaches and offers Tarot and Rune advising; and is a published author of Pagan books and articles. He is legally recognized in the states of North Carolina and Massachusetts to perform marriages and other sacerdotal duties. Learn more about Shanddaramon and find Pagan related articles he's written at his website.

* Buy both vintage and handmade rituals tools or other Wicca related goods in my Witch Whats shop section. Because I make most of the items myself I am able to customize some products and would be happy to help you find supplies that may be right for your child's Pagan needs. Special wand blanks in natural Ash Wood are available in a variety of sizes to use as is or craft into your own magic!

Realm of the Mystic Griffin
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Handmade Shaman Gourd Rattle

Shaman Journey Rattle by Tree Pruitt

I really enjoy crafting ritual tools, and I only do so in a positive frame of mind. The ritual of setting up and the focus required during crafting is my Esbat, Sabbat, meditation and personal church all together! I also hope to craft something that will be a functional ritual tool as well as attractive home decor so that the new owner may choose to display if desired. I'm told the ceremonial tools I craft have a high pleasing energy, and I've been honored in the past to have several items chosen for a World conference meeting between Native American and Aboriginal Australian tribal elders; similar to a pow-wow gift exchange. Used in ceremonies of self discovery, healing, ghost banishing, and general spell casting, my ritual tools travel all the worlds! So, I'm very pleased to finish a new special rattle created with spirit world travel and journeys in mind.

Here's a unique ritual tool & Native American or Frontier style home decor piece. Wood burned gourd rattle with carved horse head handle is filled with ancient magic symbols! Handmade for personal magic meditation use. "Journey" represents the journey through life as an individual grows & the journey the shaman takes into the other worlds. Unique one of a kind, OOAK, hand crafted by artist & Wicca wandmaker Tree Pruitt is currently available.

Wild horses drawing burned over Shaman Journey Rattle by Tree Pruitt
Designed to resemble an ancient relic that can be used in modern times. This rattle could also be used as a Wiccan wand, to direct energy during spell work or ritual. The neutral color scheme easily allows for strands of colored beads or charms to be tied on for a personal touch.

Hand carved horse head handle of Shaman Journey Rattle by Tree Pruitt
The rattle head has images of a running herd of horses, drawn in a primitive cave drawing style, with spirals, hand prints, clouds, lightning bolts, the sun & the sacred Directions; North, South, East, West. The mellow toned sound is created by shaking the rattle either downward for a bold sound or upright for a softer tone, caused by various natural materials inside. The rattle head is filled with a combination of the following items chosen for best sound properties & metaphysical energy... gem stone fragments, hardened clay balls, beach pebbles, lentil, ceramic beads.

Tip of Shaman Journey Rattle by Tree Pruitt

This was a very enjoyable project that wasn't rushed at all. Once its sold it's gone, and I'll miss its presence, but I'll be very happy for this rattle to find a loving home!


Wicca Mysteries In Wand

My enthusiasm has gotten the better of me, so I must tell you about a wand I'm near to finishing! This wand is designed especially for use in Wicca magic and rituals. Even though my old camera will catch better images in the daylight, I've included some snap shots here. Made of weeping willow wood, it features a hand carved Mother Earth Goddess and pyrography burned symbols. I had a hard time holding back from the fun of adding detail to the human like figure so that the stick didn't become too fragile in the center; it's still as strong as willow can be! The natural under-bark is still in place in areas and some spots have indents that strongly remind one of certain female anatomy that is sacred -- indeed vital -- to birth, and I've accentuated those to emphasize the importance of the natural Yoni like symbols.

There's a lovely light catching quartz crystal shard at the top, but I chose to end the tip of the wand with a spiral rather than a stone. I think the spiral is one of the most important of the Wiccan religious mysteries. The spiral of life is where we often find ourselves in the same places we were in the past, but on a different and hopefully more progressed level or layer of the spiral. Bettering one's self for the benefit of all should be the goal of every Wiccan; this is selfishness through selflessness, (helping others helps yourself in the long run).

On the wand, Wicca mysteries are further alluded to by more symbolism. The tangle of hair the Goddess sports represents the web of life. The open carved space in the middle of the hair is the Center of all being where energy is waiting to be fulfilled to being. The handle portion of the wand holds simple line glyphs for the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit; indeed ALL of the Elements were involved in crafting the wand. The reverse side has words the symbols stand for burned into the wood too. At the foot of the Goddess is the double crescent and circle symbol that most commonly represents Her in the Triple Goddess aspects of Maiden, Mother, and Crone.

Wicca Willow Magic Wand

Don't think, however, that only the feminine divine is expressed here. The circle and crescent symbol of the God, often thought of as the Horned God, is directly balanced in opposite to the Goddess sign on the reverse. Wicca can often seem very Goddess centered, but because of the theory of Force and Form the God is always present even if not as visually represented as His female counterpart. The complexity of Force and Form can be summed up as the God provides the force, or driving energy, of the universe and it is the Goddess who gives it form and shape. In this wand the God is present through the sun's energy that allowed the willow tree to grow, the strength in my muscles as I carved the wood, and even the power of change that was required to make the metal hand tools I used. Though the Goddess features most prominently on this wand, I feel there is a good balance between all of the most important Wiccan symbolism.
There's little that's left to do before this 13" wand is offered for sale. I still need to buff on a finish of carnauba wax for a natural muted shine. I like using varathane because it's such a durable finish, but I think that would be too shiny for this wand. The hand rubbed finish will still be water resistant but will also have a lovely tone and feel. After the finish is applied I need to do the "core". This wand will have a magickal core which will work in a similar fashion to a totem animal medicine bag; No whimsical dragon scales or firebird feathers though! I have a very special bit of naturally shed elk fur that I'm considering placing inside the small hole I've burrowed into the handle of the wand. I'll likely consider appropriateness of the metaphysical energy of several other materials too before capping the hole closed with a tiny gem stone, sealing the core inside. It doesn't require much of any given thing to add to the magic because it's simply the blessing of the energy involved that counts. I'm always careful not to use anything dangerous, illegal, or unethical in a magical core -- that would defeat the purpose -- but I won't make final decisions until the action of "doing" is in hand. This is without a doubt the most elaborate wand I've ever crafted! I'm sorry the fun of the project is nearly over, so you can bet that I'm already contemplating another.

*This is another instance where my art blog and my metaphysical paranormal blog overlap, so this entry will also be found at "On My Easel".

Call To Wand Making Heard

It's time for me to set up a wand crafting station in my new art studio space, so I'm a bit jazzed up with energy. I'd recently moved and things are just now getting settled into a peaceful state of some sort of organization. I've held off crafting wands and rattles until the main power zones within my living space were established. Having peace and clarity is vital when crafting ritual tools. The time of year is a perfect building point for me to jump from too, as I always have a rather easy time with positive creative energy when moving towards Samhain (Halloween); I'll need creative inspiration to fit another work station into my live-in studio, but I'm confident things will flow well.

I've been having an urge to work with the natural materials required for crafting ritual tools. I've already gone through my packed projects that aren't finished yet, not only to verify they survived the move but also to rekindle the connection to the metaphysical energy of the projects.

Inner guidance told me to wait a little longer though, when I was tempted to start carving on a stick. I thought it was near time to work wands and that suspicion was confirmed recently when I felt what I refer to as a "calling". I felt pulled to a something and so began to look into the matter until I found that I was being called to stones. I've been very fortunate to come upon a large variety of quartz crystal points in which I feel an energy connection! I'm very excited to work with them and discover the paths they will take from my home. I'm positive now that somewhere in the bunch is the perfect stone to top off that stick I'd wanted to carve on until guidance put a stop to my hand. Getting the stones also confirms that it's definitely the right time to create a space for making wands and other ritual tools in my new home. I'm glad because it involves many art, craft, and ritual activities that I enjoy very much! I look forward to showing you all some finished projects!

Orionid Meteor Shower

Comets and meteors have long been thought to portend a great sign or omen. Tonight provides the chance to see a whole shower of signs falling from the sky. That's probably not a UFO soaring accross the vista, but is likely the Orionid Meteor Shower!
"An increase in the number of meteors at a particular time of year is called a meteor shower. Comets shed the debris that becomes most meteor showers. As comets orbit the Sun, they shed an icy, dusty debris stream along the comet's orbit. If Earth travels through this stream, we will see a meteor shower. Depending on where Earth and the stream meet, meteors appear to fall from a particular place in the sky, maybe within the neighborhood of a constellation.
Meteor showers are named by the constellation from which meteors appear to fall, a spot in the sky astronomers call the radiant. For instance, the radiant for the Leonid meteor shower is located in the constellation Leo. The Perseid meteor shower is so named because meteors appear to fall from a point in the constellation Perseus."

"The Orionid meteor shower is the second of two showers that occur each year as a result of Earth passing through dust released by Halley's Comet. The point from where the Orionid meteors appear to radiate is located within the constellation Orion. The Orionids generally begin on October 15 and end on October 29, with maximum generally occurring during the morning hours of October 20-22. The Orionids are barely detectable on the beginning and ending dates, but observers in the Northern Hemisphere will see around 20 meteors per hour at maximum, while observers in the Southern Hemisphere will see around 40 meteors per hour."

Cleaning Energy Stones and Crystals

Recently I cleaned my personal magic stones for the first time since we got our new dog Sparky. He's interested in anything that comes in a bowl, but he seemed extra interested in the bowl of stones. I decided to let him check them out. Our beloved Gypsy, after all, had been excellent at choosing stones and well known for browsing baskets of crystals in New-Age shops. I expected Sparky's short attention span to only offer disappointment at not being able to eat the rocks in the bowl, but he surprised me; given the chance, he seems keen to work with stones. When I held out a chunk of smokey quartz in my hand he sniffed it then slowly pushed it into the very center of his throat. It was quite odd; his slow movement almost being creepy. He held still, with the crystal to his neck, for quite some time. Sparky doesn't hold still at all very often for anything, but there he was with his eyes closed leaning into Earth energy! I sensed a 'click' feeling and at that moment Sparky pulled back from the stone. I next held out a piece of green chrysoprase, to which Sparky pushed onto his forehead. We repeated the process for very many stones. It's interesting to note that when I offered a different piece of smokey quartz than the first piece he still put it to his throat. I'm amazed that his attention was held so long by an activity that didn't have to do with chewing anything, and will certainly be offering Sparky again the chance to groove with my rocks!

CONJURE THIS: If you work with the metaphysical energy in stones it's a good idea to cleanse your rocks every now and then. Not just washing off dust, cleansing removes any accumulated negative energy and helps to renew your magic bond with your stones. I generally cleanse all of the rocks in my personal collection once or twice a year. For my fossil and mineral specimen collection I dust and clean the display cases, but the stones that I reserve for divination, healing, spell work, and meditation get a little more attention. Some stones are inside spell boxes, so I take each one out to spend some time with individually before returning them to their resting places. The majority of my stones for magic, that aren't being used for current spells, sit in special bowls around my home; on the coffee table is an antique teak wood bowl filled with rough gems. This allows them to absorb the ambient energy of the environment -- keeping charged -- and keeps them readily available for interaction. They can get dust build up, setting out in the open, so I ritually prepare a warm soapy bath.

Entering a ritual frame of mind, I dilute a few drops of dish soap into a bowl of water near the kitchen sink; counter top converts to altar top here! It helps the mood to light some incense. Immersing each stone one at a time into the water, I rub the stone to physically clean the surface. As I'm doing this I mentally say hello to the stone and spend a little time thinking about it's purpose with me, what it's used for, and it's attributes. I also admire any physical traits I enjoy about the way the stone looks; anything that sends positive energy. Then the stone gets rinsed under running water. While I do this I'm internally declaring that the water is pouring away any negative energy and affirming that the stone is clean. Resting it on a towel, I then pat the one rock dry before moving on to clean the next; do the whole process from start to finish for each stone. Once they are all clean and dry I replace them to their display storage areas. I treat this action with an air of celebration; sort of like a reverse Easter egg hunt. Not until all stones are put away do I thank the Elements for Their presence and consider my ritual finished. This takes some time to get done, but is a worthwhile activity to keep the mojo flowing through the stones and into your home.

Guard Home From Bad Energy and Ghosts

Doors and entry ways can be a path for spirit energy to enter your home. When the front entry door of a home opens directly onto a stairway it is especially likely to create an open invitation for spirits and ghosts to enter freely.

Prevent negative unwanted energy from entering your home by hanging a broom or stick wand of Ash wood over the door. Hang a small bundle of seasonal dried flowers for a decorative touch to protection. A bit of Ash may also be worn on the person or kept in your home to protect from general evil or witchcraft and venomous animals.

~~ Tree

Raw Ash Wand Staves are available in my store . A variety of sizes may be available.

Witch Whats Raw Ash Wand Staves

Destination Truth Season Premiere

It's going to be a long time before I might forget what I saw on Destination Truth, tonight's season premiere, with a team member flashing away off camera in a haunted Romanian forest! The Myan jungle experience may genuinely have left me with trauma -- I LOVE this show!

The host of the show is explorer, adventurer, and photographer Josh Gates. He's adorable in a Cary Grant meets Indiana Jones with a little dash of Gerry Garcia way. His sharp observational humor has left our sides aching from laughter. He's also totally insane; dragging off to deadly locations with a well practised team of fellow adventurers to chase down stories of ghosts, monsters, and cryptozoology critters. The show never seems hokey, or as simple television entertainment, and they're following an investigation guideline inspired by 'Ghost Hunters' Jason and Grant. The season premiere promises a collection of episodes sure to evoke sweaty underarms and possibly even bad dreams; good old Syfy fun!

Follow Josh Gates on
Ghost Hunter TAPS

Rowan Wand Sun Moon Altar Box

No longer available.

A special combination of handmade Pagan treasure fills this wood burned storage box, which can double as a travel altar or hide quickly when needed; Box, wand, bell, pentacle, bottle, candle, incense...
  • Wood burned decorative box is sealed with durable varnish and signed by the artist on golden bottom.
  • The hand crafted miniature rowan wood magic wand has genuine quartz crystal stone tip and a sturdy sculpted paper clay base in the shape of a thistle flower (stands upright if desired); Wand and bell both are coated with protective varnish to preserve the natural lichen and bark.
  • The matching rowan wood twig altar bell features an antique miniature brass bell (made in India), natural conducting copper wire and an amethyst gem stone bead.
  • The small glass corked bottle jar of ritual salt is for blessings and protection spell use & includes a protective white cotton pouch.
  • The wood burned birch altar pentacle pentagram, has text on reverse that reads as, "Blessed Be!"
  • simple white tea light candle for purity & invocations
  • case box of world famous Nag Champa brand incense dhoop cones, includes metal tray for burning
*Unique design by Tree Pruitt.

Rowan Wand Binding, Fairy Spells, Removing Ghost

A wand of rowan is known to be used in binding spells and to remove spirits or ghosts.

No longer available.

This wand was crafted from two different types of wood. The top portion, without tree bark, is the fruitful plum tree for abundance and the sweetness of magic. The lower portion is the sacred Rowan of the druid and Fairy folk tales. With its red bark and partner sage green lichen, the design emerges from the natural. The piece has been coated with environmentally friendly varnish to protect the natural surface of the tree bark. The two sections of wood have been carefully hand joined into a single, sturdy yet delicate, wand to represent the magic of two worlds combined; the mundane human and magickal Fey.

Since the fairies of Celtic Irish lore were people of the earth, I imagined them to have a tribal social culture; The overall design of this wispy wand is based upon that tribal sense. A wand of rowan is known to be used in binding spells and to remove spirits or ghosts. The two types of wood further represent the concept of, "two coming together", by their original growing locations; the Rowan wood is from the Western USA and the Plum wood from the Eastern portion. The fine point tip holds a polished clear quartz crystal pebble, well fitted into place. Further down, a natural amethyst gem stone has been embedded into the wood grain. The shape is near to a triangle, pointing the dreamy energies of amethyst to do the wielders bidding. The handle end is uncapped, and signed by the artist with a simple letter "T". The wood burned band, on the same end, could be used to tie colorful ribbons or beads for special events. No power tools were used, except for the electric pyrography burning tool; all work done by hand. A usable work of art.
See more images and shopping options at the link above.

* 13 Steps to Making this Ceremonial Magick Wand
  1. Felled branches lovingly gathered or pruned from trees for better health.
  2. Branches cut into lengths and cleaned. Cutting small out branches and shaping must be done. This must be done very carefully to avoid cutting ones self when working with hand tools. Cleaning was done with a ceremonial bowline knife that is only used for ritual crafting.
  3. The new "naked" wands were spread out on a tray and low temp baked in an old oven to remove bacteria; sterilize.
  4. This individual wand was then smoothed down with various grades of sandpaper to remove the chip carving feel of the de-barking process.
  5. After examining the wand, inspiration and Spirit took over. A gem stone crystal that matches the form of the end of the wood was selected. It needs to not only fit the physical shape but also the spiritual function of the piece.
  6. The wood was carved out, by hand, using eye measurement to allow the stone to fit as tightly as possible.
  7. Once the shapes were right, a small amount of very strong glue was added before the pieces were joined together. Making sure the fit is tight, the piece was allowed to dry.
  8. This is the point at which the two pieces of wood were joined in much the same way as the stone was added.
  9. After several days drying the glue, I swelled the wood around the crystal and joined area. Small amounts of water were carefully allowed to soak into the grain of the wood, causing it to swell. I checked the stone to test tightness and go on to another drying. The wand was again baked at a low temp to remove the moisture I added. This causes the wood grains to tighten up more than before; like tempering.
  10. The next step is to add decorations with the wood burner, carving, and finish off the surface of the wood.
  11. The piece was varnished with environmentally friendly varnish.
  12. At the next Full Moon, after varnishing, a welcoming ceremony was done to announce to the spiritual realm the wand had been made whole.
  13. Step thirteen, a sacred number to the Goddess, is for the piece to find it's home.

The Shadowlands Ghosthunter Store

Beltane Amulet

Beltane, one of the eight Solar Sabbats in Wicca. Beltane is an ancient Celtic Gaelic holiday adopted readily by modern witches, Wiccans, and other Neo-Pagan groups. Like Samhain, it's opposite on the calendar, May Day eve is a time when the veils between the worlds is thin and the Otherworld close at hand. Some of the reasons for celebrating the holiday are... union of the youthful God and Goddess, beginning of the summer season, bonfire celebration, purification, transition, fertility of animals and harvest, house blessing, petition for protection from ghosts and mischievous Otherworldly Beings such as gnomes and fairies

*Conjure This:
Try crafting a Beltane Spirit Amulet to protect and bless your house. Using equal sized twigs of either rowan or ash wood create an equal-armed cross in the manner often known as a "Gods-Eye"; Both types of wood can be used as protection from negative ghosts or spirits and ash has the added benefit of being thought to repel lightning strikes. Weave ribbon or yarn to hold the twigs together, using colors corresponding to your desires;

purple= spirituality
green = fortune, fertility, money
white = purity, clarity
blue = healing, general well-being

Tie a loop for hanging at the top point of the Four Quarters and place over the doorway or on the entrance to your home. A small pouch of herbs and stones (Medicine Bag) can be secured to the center for added charm. If possible, use all natural materials so that next year the amulet can be tossed into a bonfire; make a new amulet each year.

* Blank wand staves of clean cut ash wood available.

Beam of Light Battle Over Earth NASA Footage

Have you heard about NASA footage from the early 1990's of a beam of light coming from our planet and like shooting at a craft of some sort? The recorded footage didn't come out for me to see until a few years ago, and of course the NASA response was reflection and shuttle debris. That explanation makes me a bit angry because it's a total lie. I was watching NASA live on television when the original event happened, and it was a battle!

I'd been painting a mural on the wall and had left the television going. One of my cable access channels frequently showed live footage beamed down from the NASA Space Shuttle, and I thought this was very cool of them to do. I think it was part of some sort of public relations effort to get people interested in the Space Program again. The scene was being filmed from a window with the perspective of the Earth being only a half circle on the left, if I remember correctly. I turned from the wall for a break and stood in front of the TV to stretch. I was stunned to see there was a bright craft with a triangle shape moving around above our outer atmosphere! It made motion random debris will not; it was clearly a ship or craft of some sort. Suddenly from the left of the screen came streaking in a flash of light past the Space Shuttle window. When it reached the triangle ships perspective I saw it as a narrow winged like craft. It made a hard bank to the right and fired what looked like a series of small lights at the triangle. Making what looked like a 360 the winged thing stayed with the triangle. The triangle ship didn't seem to make any defense other than skilled evasive maneuvers.

Suddenly the triangle must have sped up to a flash of speed because it became a blur moving to the left as a great thick beam of light came up from the Earth. I was giving more attention to the objects than I was the planetary geography that could be seen, so I can't say where it originated. The whole thing happened very fast! Mind you, this was all in black & white so I can only judge by the glow, but that beam hit the winged ship and it vanished -- poof! It's easy to think it was utterly destroyed, but there was no flaming explosion like in the movies; just a big flash of brightness. The triangle moved back into view near the spot where the winged one had been and the television went black; the signal was cut. I rushed for the remote control to check other stations, sure the emergency sirens would begin at any moment. I could hardly believe what I'd seen and was in shock from the implications; did our planet just save one spaceship from another? Was there all out war!?

All of the other television stations were fine. No sirens ever sounded that night, and later no one said a thing about what had happened. The television station no longer broadcast NASA footage. Any one I mentioned it to thought my imagination was over active and that was terribly frustrating. I felt like I was being lied to and was the only one in the world who'd seen this happen. It didn't take long before I decided to shut-up about it. I tucked the memory away and frequently replayed the scene in my mind so I wouldn't forget details of what has to be the most amazing thing a person could see. Then I hoped that some day there would be answers because I was a bit miffed at getting such a scare with no news about it. It added anxiety to general life knowing there was some weird stuff going on in space and some government on this planet obviously knows about it.

When I later began to listen to Art Bell I learned about the Haarp project when he interviewed author Nick Begich about his book, "Angels Don't Play This Haarp" (see below), which is purportedly advanced Tesla technology. This big beam, Haarp, sounded suspiciously like what I'd seen on the television. So I'm not angry any longer, but have become a little complacent. There is something going on above our planet, and though I'm not sure I believe in little green men, there seems to be genuine extraterrestrial life in the universe. I'm certainly open to the possibility that the ships I saw are terrestrial and world governments are duking it out in space; either way someone knows about this and things are being done. I suppose that as long as the outer space stuff doesn't start falling on my head I've nothing to worry about. Seeing what I did didn't destroy my life or my reputation; people thought I was weird already, so no harm no foul right? I just wish I could look up at the sky and only see pretty stars.

Since the time I wrote the above I did a little searching and found some interesting things. I googled the phrase, "NASA footage from the early 1990's of a beam of light", and discovered it was the shuttle Discovery mission STS-48, launched September 12, 1991. It was seen on NASA Select TV, which at the time was downlinked live from each shuttle mission and distributed on cable and satellite TV, according to a message board at David Icke's Official Forums. This is the first time I've looked up anything about the event, and the blurred recordings they write about on this forum read about right to me. It makes me feel better, but knowing that others do know about it doesn't change anything. I'm still left with the background sensation that God may be in heaven but all is not right with the world.


My Tibetan Dogs Offering to Buddha

My new dog, Sparky, recently showed a surprising act of spirituality and, what seemed to be charity. Sparky is a Tibetan Spaniel mix we believe is a "Tibalier" and looks like a little Shi-Shi lion or Fu-dog, just like those found on top of incense burners and guardian statues in the ancient orient. The Tibalier is created by crossing the purebred Tibetan Spaniel with the purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. It is considered a hybrid dog, meaning it is not purebred, however the lineage is known. Where as the term mutt is used when a dog has an unknown lineage. We're not certain of his age, because he's a rescued dog, but he's still fairly young. This dog has shown incredible intelligence and has learned most basic commands very quickly; even learning to fetch dropped tools or pens for me.

This morning I was re-arranging the bedroom and had set our beloved thin bodied meditating Buddha statue on the bed. It's a rather large statue, so the posture makes the lap a great place to set offerings and the like. Little Sparky put his front paws on the bed and stood there with a questioning facial expression; almost as if he were listening to something. Upon seeing the statue on the bed, Sparky suddenly left the room in a jog. He quickly returned with his favorite plastic bone. Then he jumped onto the bed and carefully set that toy onto the Buddha lap! Using his nose, he nudged the toy into place. He even took care not to bump the copper Yantra that always rests there. A yantra is a geometrical diagram representing the universe. It's used in Hindu worship and meditation; similar to a mandala.

We don't often set new items onto that Buddha statue, so Sparky could not have been imitating a repetitious action he'd seen us perform. Our little boy simply seemed compelled to make an offering! We feel certain that Spirit does indeed dwell within that statue, and are even more blessed by the presence of Lord Buddha than before. Of course, Sparky could have just thought the skinny guy looked hungry! What a special experience to have witnessed!

The image of Buddha, at the right, is special photomanipulation art I created from a digital photograph of our statue.

Paranormal Indiana

I've just joined the site for the Indiana Ghost Trackers, Kokomo Chapter. I'd google the subect as soon as we decided to start making the move to my husbands old home town, but having made a Facebook contact from the group, I decided to join up. My username is Witchy-One, and I really look forward to meeting more ghost hunters and also local Pagans into the paranormal.

Kokomo Indiana stands out as a minor Mecca for the unusual. I think it's fun to be relocating to a town I've heard Art Bell speak of so often; Thankfully that Kokomo Hum seems to have stopped. More than just a place for ghost hunting, Kokomo seems to offer mysteries in the sky as well as the earth. A recent episode of the History Channels UFO Hunters titled "Heartland Explosion" explains in detail.

"Late in the evening of April 16th, 2008, the tiny town of Kokomo, Indiana was rocked by an ear-piercing, high decibel boom. Houses shook. Thousands of panicked citizens called 911." Though she didn't feel the need to dial 911, my own Mother-in-Law did hear and feel the boom. Her story didn't differ from witnesses on the show it was really cool to listen to a first-hand account first-hand! See what will be my own new home town in the video below. Keep your eyes and sences open wherever you go!


Toy Tossing Ghost

Though I'm slowly becoming accustomed to ghost encounters, they still give me the chills. Most recently, while touring a small church campus, a non-living resident came to call. I'd been touring an upper floor that's reserved for congregational activities when I noticed that it seemed another person was up there somewhere. With each room I entered I prepared a polite greeting to cross my lips, but I didn't see anyone. One room in particular held the distinct feeling that a person had just left the room prior to my entry; and indeed a few objects I handled seemed oddly warm to the touch, as if another hand had just occupied the same space. There was no heaviness to the air or creepy sensation to set my senses a tingling in defense, so I gave nothing more than a fleeting thought of the paranormal before moving back downstairs.

One of the rooms of the lower floor is used for young child care, and had been well played, so my companion and myself volunteered for toy pick-up duty. Three people in total made quick work of putting the toys in proper place. After the member of the congregation had left the room we gave the space a final visual check. All was tidy except for a few toys set back on a side board counter, but they were at least off the floor. Just before we turned to leave the room there was a slight clicking sound and those toys flew forward off the counter, landing on the floor! They'd been placed about a foot from the edge of a mostly level surface, so could not have slid off by accident or minor vibration. My immediate response was to say out loud that it wasn't a very nice thing to do since we'd just picked-up the room, but despite my boldness a cold sliver ran up my spine. Feeling brave, I stepped forward and replaced the toys were they'd been previously. The surface of the counter was quite warm to the touch and I got a very distinct sense of a male presence. Because I'd not felt any threat from "him" I wagged my finger in chastisement, reminding him that it wouldn't be polite for our church going friend to take blame if the room were later found in disarray; it would be funny, but not polite at all. With a bit of a chuckle, we left the room.

A short while later my companion and I sat outside to discuss the incident. Yes, we'd clearly seen the objects move! No, it didn't seem there was an explanation other than poltergeist type activity. We didn't feel as if a repressed psychokinetic energy were involved either, since we weren't stressed about being in a church; Repressed psychokinetic energy is a theoretical psychic force produced, usually unconsciously, by a person when undergoing physical or mental trauma. Then, at nearly the same time, we proclaimed to have felt a male energy, though a genteel one. As if in reply to our pondering an upper window facing us developed a slight dark outline in the shape of a person! We raised our eyebrows in surprise, but then just smiled and waved a "hello".

I felt that the supposed Spirit didn't want us to leave because he was pleased to be acknowledged. The experience was somewhat sad, as he seemed lonely; I may bring home a stray animal on occasion, but I won't bring home stray ghosts! I offered my word that I'd come back another time for a visit and the form in the window seemed to disperse. I don't understand how or why a Spirit would choose to stay in place with the living, but I hope he was given a bit of comfort by having been acknowledged once again.