Paranormal Indiana

I've just joined the site for the Indiana Ghost Trackers, Kokomo Chapter. I'd google the subect as soon as we decided to start making the move to my husbands old home town, but having made a Facebook contact from the group, I decided to join up. My username is Witchy-One, and I really look forward to meeting more ghost hunters and also local Pagans into the paranormal.

Kokomo Indiana stands out as a minor Mecca for the unusual. I think it's fun to be relocating to a town I've heard Art Bell speak of so often; Thankfully that Kokomo Hum seems to have stopped. More than just a place for ghost hunting, Kokomo seems to offer mysteries in the sky as well as the earth. A recent episode of the History Channels UFO Hunters titled "Heartland Explosion" explains in detail.

"Late in the evening of April 16th, 2008, the tiny town of Kokomo, Indiana was rocked by an ear-piercing, high decibel boom. Houses shook. Thousands of panicked citizens called 911." Though she didn't feel the need to dial 911, my own Mother-in-Law did hear and feel the boom. Her story didn't differ from witnesses on the show it was really cool to listen to a first-hand account first-hand! See what will be my own new home town in the video below. Keep your eyes and sences open wherever you go!


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