Toy Tossing Ghost

Though I'm slowly becoming accustomed to ghost encounters, they still give me the chills. Most recently, while touring a small church campus, a non-living resident came to call. I'd been touring an upper floor that's reserved for congregational activities when I noticed that it seemed another person was up there somewhere. With each room I entered I prepared a polite greeting to cross my lips, but I didn't see anyone. One room in particular held the distinct feeling that a person had just left the room prior to my entry; and indeed a few objects I handled seemed oddly warm to the touch, as if another hand had just occupied the same space. There was no heaviness to the air or creepy sensation to set my senses a tingling in defense, so I gave nothing more than a fleeting thought of the paranormal before moving back downstairs.

One of the rooms of the lower floor is used for young child care, and had been well played, so my companion and myself volunteered for toy pick-up duty. Three people in total made quick work of putting the toys in proper place. After the member of the congregation had left the room we gave the space a final visual check. All was tidy except for a few toys set back on a side board counter, but they were at least off the floor. Just before we turned to leave the room there was a slight clicking sound and those toys flew forward off the counter, landing on the floor! They'd been placed about a foot from the edge of a mostly level surface, so could not have slid off by accident or minor vibration. My immediate response was to say out loud that it wasn't a very nice thing to do since we'd just picked-up the room, but despite my boldness a cold sliver ran up my spine. Feeling brave, I stepped forward and replaced the toys were they'd been previously. The surface of the counter was quite warm to the touch and I got a very distinct sense of a male presence. Because I'd not felt any threat from "him" I wagged my finger in chastisement, reminding him that it wouldn't be polite for our church going friend to take blame if the room were later found in disarray; it would be funny, but not polite at all. With a bit of a chuckle, we left the room.

A short while later my companion and I sat outside to discuss the incident. Yes, we'd clearly seen the objects move! No, it didn't seem there was an explanation other than poltergeist type activity. We didn't feel as if a repressed psychokinetic energy were involved either, since we weren't stressed about being in a church; Repressed psychokinetic energy is a theoretical psychic force produced, usually unconsciously, by a person when undergoing physical or mental trauma. Then, at nearly the same time, we proclaimed to have felt a male energy, though a genteel one. As if in reply to our pondering an upper window facing us developed a slight dark outline in the shape of a person! We raised our eyebrows in surprise, but then just smiled and waved a "hello".

I felt that the supposed Spirit didn't want us to leave because he was pleased to be acknowledged. The experience was somewhat sad, as he seemed lonely; I may bring home a stray animal on occasion, but I won't bring home stray ghosts! I offered my word that I'd come back another time for a visit and the form in the window seemed to disperse. I don't understand how or why a Spirit would choose to stay in place with the living, but I hope he was given a bit of comfort by having been acknowledged once again.

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