Beltane Amulet

Beltane, one of the eight Solar Sabbats in Wicca. Beltane is an ancient Celtic Gaelic holiday adopted readily by modern witches, Wiccans, and other Neo-Pagan groups. Like Samhain, it's opposite on the calendar, May Day eve is a time when the veils between the worlds is thin and the Otherworld close at hand. Some of the reasons for celebrating the holiday are... union of the youthful God and Goddess, beginning of the summer season, bonfire celebration, purification, transition, fertility of animals and harvest, house blessing, petition for protection from ghosts and mischievous Otherworldly Beings such as gnomes and fairies

*Conjure This:
Try crafting a Beltane Spirit Amulet to protect and bless your house. Using equal sized twigs of either rowan or ash wood create an equal-armed cross in the manner often known as a "Gods-Eye"; Both types of wood can be used as protection from negative ghosts or spirits and ash has the added benefit of being thought to repel lightning strikes. Weave ribbon or yarn to hold the twigs together, using colors corresponding to your desires;

purple= spirituality
green = fortune, fertility, money
white = purity, clarity
blue = healing, general well-being

Tie a loop for hanging at the top point of the Four Quarters and place over the doorway or on the entrance to your home. A small pouch of herbs and stones (Medicine Bag) can be secured to the center for added charm. If possible, use all natural materials so that next year the amulet can be tossed into a bonfire; make a new amulet each year.

* Blank wand staves of clean cut ash wood available.

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