Rowan Wand Sun Moon Altar Box

No longer available.

A special combination of handmade Pagan treasure fills this wood burned storage box, which can double as a travel altar or hide quickly when needed; Box, wand, bell, pentacle, bottle, candle, incense...
  • Wood burned decorative box is sealed with durable varnish and signed by the artist on golden bottom.
  • The hand crafted miniature rowan wood magic wand has genuine quartz crystal stone tip and a sturdy sculpted paper clay base in the shape of a thistle flower (stands upright if desired); Wand and bell both are coated with protective varnish to preserve the natural lichen and bark.
  • The matching rowan wood twig altar bell features an antique miniature brass bell (made in India), natural conducting copper wire and an amethyst gem stone bead.
  • The small glass corked bottle jar of ritual salt is for blessings and protection spell use & includes a protective white cotton pouch.
  • The wood burned birch altar pentacle pentagram, has text on reverse that reads as, "Blessed Be!"
  • simple white tea light candle for purity & invocations
  • case box of world famous Nag Champa brand incense dhoop cones, includes metal tray for burning
*Unique design by Tree Pruitt.

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