Guard Home From Bad Energy and Ghosts

Doors and entry ways can be a path for spirit energy to enter your home. When the front entry door of a home opens directly onto a stairway it is especially likely to create an open invitation for spirits and ghosts to enter freely.

Prevent negative unwanted energy from entering your home by hanging a broom or stick wand of Ash wood over the door. Hang a small bundle of seasonal dried flowers for a decorative touch to protection. A bit of Ash may also be worn on the person or kept in your home to protect from general evil or witchcraft and venomous animals.

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Destination Truth Season Premiere

It's going to be a long time before I might forget what I saw on Destination Truth, tonight's season premiere, with a team member flashing away off camera in a haunted Romanian forest! The Myan jungle experience may genuinely have left me with trauma -- I LOVE this show!

The host of the show is explorer, adventurer, and photographer Josh Gates. He's adorable in a Cary Grant meets Indiana Jones with a little dash of Gerry Garcia way. His sharp observational humor has left our sides aching from laughter. He's also totally insane; dragging off to deadly locations with a well practised team of fellow adventurers to chase down stories of ghosts, monsters, and cryptozoology critters. The show never seems hokey, or as simple television entertainment, and they're following an investigation guideline inspired by 'Ghost Hunters' Jason and Grant. The season premiere promises a collection of episodes sure to evoke sweaty underarms and possibly even bad dreams; good old Syfy fun!

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