Cleaning Energy Stones and Crystals

Recently I cleaned my personal magic stones for the first time since we got our new dog Sparky. He's interested in anything that comes in a bowl, but he seemed extra interested in the bowl of stones. I decided to let him check them out. Our beloved Gypsy, after all, had been excellent at choosing stones and well known for browsing baskets of crystals in New-Age shops. I expected Sparky's short attention span to only offer disappointment at not being able to eat the rocks in the bowl, but he surprised me; given the chance, he seems keen to work with stones. When I held out a chunk of smokey quartz in my hand he sniffed it then slowly pushed it into the very center of his throat. It was quite odd; his slow movement almost being creepy. He held still, with the crystal to his neck, for quite some time. Sparky doesn't hold still at all very often for anything, but there he was with his eyes closed leaning into Earth energy! I sensed a 'click' feeling and at that moment Sparky pulled back from the stone. I next held out a piece of green chrysoprase, to which Sparky pushed onto his forehead. We repeated the process for very many stones. It's interesting to note that when I offered a different piece of smokey quartz than the first piece he still put it to his throat. I'm amazed that his attention was held so long by an activity that didn't have to do with chewing anything, and will certainly be offering Sparky again the chance to groove with my rocks!

CONJURE THIS: If you work with the metaphysical energy in stones it's a good idea to cleanse your rocks every now and then. Not just washing off dust, cleansing removes any accumulated negative energy and helps to renew your magic bond with your stones. I generally cleanse all of the rocks in my personal collection once or twice a year. For my fossil and mineral specimen collection I dust and clean the display cases, but the stones that I reserve for divination, healing, spell work, and meditation get a little more attention. Some stones are inside spell boxes, so I take each one out to spend some time with individually before returning them to their resting places. The majority of my stones for magic, that aren't being used for current spells, sit in special bowls around my home; on the coffee table is an antique teak wood bowl filled with rough gems. This allows them to absorb the ambient energy of the environment -- keeping charged -- and keeps them readily available for interaction. They can get dust build up, setting out in the open, so I ritually prepare a warm soapy bath.

Entering a ritual frame of mind, I dilute a few drops of dish soap into a bowl of water near the kitchen sink; counter top converts to altar top here! It helps the mood to light some incense. Immersing each stone one at a time into the water, I rub the stone to physically clean the surface. As I'm doing this I mentally say hello to the stone and spend a little time thinking about it's purpose with me, what it's used for, and it's attributes. I also admire any physical traits I enjoy about the way the stone looks; anything that sends positive energy. Then the stone gets rinsed under running water. While I do this I'm internally declaring that the water is pouring away any negative energy and affirming that the stone is clean. Resting it on a towel, I then pat the one rock dry before moving on to clean the next; do the whole process from start to finish for each stone. Once they are all clean and dry I replace them to their display storage areas. I treat this action with an air of celebration; sort of like a reverse Easter egg hunt. Not until all stones are put away do I thank the Elements for Their presence and consider my ritual finished. This takes some time to get done, but is a worthwhile activity to keep the mojo flowing through the stones and into your home.

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