Handmade Shaman Gourd Rattle

Shaman Journey Rattle by Tree Pruitt

I really enjoy crafting ritual tools, and I only do so in a positive frame of mind. The ritual of setting up and the focus required during crafting is my Esbat, Sabbat, meditation and personal church all together! I also hope to craft something that will be a functional ritual tool as well as attractive home decor so that the new owner may choose to display if desired. I'm told the ceremonial tools I craft have a high pleasing energy, and I've been honored in the past to have several items chosen for a World conference meeting between Native American and Aboriginal Australian tribal elders; similar to a pow-wow gift exchange. Used in ceremonies of self discovery, healing, ghost banishing, and general spell casting, my ritual tools travel all the worlds! So, I'm very pleased to finish a new special rattle created with spirit world travel and journeys in mind.

Here's a unique ritual tool & Native American or Frontier style home decor piece. Wood burned gourd rattle with carved horse head handle is filled with ancient magic symbols! Handmade for personal magic meditation use. "Journey" represents the journey through life as an individual grows & the journey the shaman takes into the other worlds. Unique one of a kind, OOAK, hand crafted by artist & Wicca wandmaker Tree Pruitt is currently available.

Wild horses drawing burned over Shaman Journey Rattle by Tree Pruitt
Designed to resemble an ancient relic that can be used in modern times. This rattle could also be used as a Wiccan wand, to direct energy during spell work or ritual. The neutral color scheme easily allows for strands of colored beads or charms to be tied on for a personal touch.

Hand carved horse head handle of Shaman Journey Rattle by Tree Pruitt
The rattle head has images of a running herd of horses, drawn in a primitive cave drawing style, with spirals, hand prints, clouds, lightning bolts, the sun & the sacred Directions; North, South, East, West. The mellow toned sound is created by shaking the rattle either downward for a bold sound or upright for a softer tone, caused by various natural materials inside. The rattle head is filled with a combination of the following items chosen for best sound properties & metaphysical energy... gem stone fragments, hardened clay balls, beach pebbles, lentil, ceramic beads.

Tip of Shaman Journey Rattle by Tree Pruitt

This was a very enjoyable project that wasn't rushed at all. Once its sold it's gone, and I'll miss its presence, but I'll be very happy for this rattle to find a loving home!


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