Pagan Degrees for Children

Being a modern Pagan often requires one to be a creative individual because the majority of Pagans and Wiccans are self taught by necessity. It's a big responsibility we undertake willingly for the benefit of our beliefs, but what to do when the family grows and we become responsible for the education of a Pagan child or teen? One can't simply toss down a stack of books saying "Have at it, kid! It's the way I did it". A child doesn't learn the alphabet by singing "ABZFGR" because they need the structure of "ABC" and "123". Especially if you and your spouse are solitary in practise, without the support of a group environment, finding structure can be a real challenge. Take heart, for there is hope from a new book out now that may provide the structured system that many Pagan families lack.

Pagan Degrees for Children is a new book by Shanddaramon, the author of several published books and articles on Paganism. This book describes a system of teaching children concepts about Paganism and good living through three degrees. Each degree is designed for a different age group and children from 5-18 can learn through hands-on learning and exploration. The system is designed to be very flexible to many situations, children, and learning styles because all work is done with a parent or other adults who work individually with the students.

The publishing company, Astor Press, has provided us with a PDF excerpt so that we may preview the contents of the book, or visit the link above for more information. The author seems to provide suggestions for children, especially teens, distracted from lessons or exhibiting a short attention span, and provides positive encouragement. I was pleased to see comparisons with the system of organizations like Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America. Being a former Troop Leader and Girl Scout myself, I can avow to the satisfaction kids receive when earning badges and rising through degrees; It works because it's fun to feel successful!

According to his website the author, Shanddaramon, is a brother and ordained minister in the Sacred Order of Living Paganism (S.O.L.P.) - a spiritual order of men and women dedicated to a deep study and practice of Paganism. He teaches classes, lectures and tutors students in Pagan studies; is a Pagan pastoral counselor; teaches and offers Tarot and Rune advising; and is a published author of Pagan books and articles. He is legally recognized in the states of North Carolina and Massachusetts to perform marriages and other sacerdotal duties. Learn more about Shanddaramon and find Pagan related articles he's written at his website.

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  1. You are very welcomed, Shanddaramon, and thank YOU for creating your book to share with all of us!


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