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The latest news from the Circle Times mailing list graced my email inbox recently. I was happy to read that Selena Fox of Circle Sanctuary will be the featured guest on "PagansTonight" Internet Radio Wednesday December 2, from 9 - 10 pm Central Standard Time. I've listened to Selena Fox speak online before and have found her to be charming while filled with good information to share. She's very well spoken on a wide variety of spiritual and metaphysical topics, so there's no telling where the conversation may lead! There's a phone number so that you can call into the show to influence the direction things take. :)
CALL IN: 347-308-8222

Circle Times is the email newsletter from Circle Sanctuary. Longer ago than I care to tell you, I reached out with questions in the then uncharted realm of Wicca, and 'Circle' rallied to the call. So this Pagan organization has my heart in a special way that no religion alone could, and is my inspiration for openly sharing the things I've learned and experienced over the years. They also publish a fantastic magazine that really gives a solitary witch the feel of community connection -- you should check it out!
Goodness to all as we head towards the Solstice!

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