Blue Moon Magic

Mondays musing arrives late this week due to unexpected life circumstances, which calls the matter of time to my attention. Wednesday is the awaited Winter Blue Moon!
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 A Blue Moon is the rather rare occurrence of a second Full Moon within the same month. Being so close to the Winter Solstice lends an extra potency of magic energy to this already powerful second moon. Any Blue Moon is going to be a terrific time to do spells to help you realize goals, find strength and aide healing, so this moon falling at the end of the year makes for mighty New Year's Resolutions; Be clear and direct about your need, or new goal, and you will find the strength to follow through! A Blue Moon is also a time known for passion and the wishes of countless lovers have been made under its light. Wednesday night offers the opportunity for love spells or to discover the identity of a future spouse, indeed all divination performed on this night will have a boost of prophetic power. So step out into the light and cast a spell, make a wish, or simply admire the celestial beauty.

*Conjure This: For general good luck throughout the year take a coin that has been found and bury it in the ground under the light of the Blue Moon.


Winter Solstice Morning

Ambrosia Graphics Wheel of the YearFor today's musing we're greeted by the Winter Solstice, 12:47 PM Eastern, USA. This Solstice morning is deeply quiet with no wind at all. I performed a small ceremony outside long before the sun rise; Small to be quick because it is quite cold! The land is enveloped in a blanket of snow & when I was out there earlier a gentle peppering of fresh flakes were falling. The open field behind my patio held a treasure trove of fresh animal tracks not yet frozen; Though the night was still there was obviously much activity hidden around the area. I noted foot prints of several sizes of deer, rabbit, fox, raccoon & what was certainly the neighborhood feral cats. The Earth this morn was vibrant & seemed more alive to me than She had since I experienced Her shake me up as an earthquake; the presence of the Goddess shimmered in darkened stillness.

Stag bell previously sold at the Curio Castle Shoppe at EtsyAfter I finished my ritual I heard a rustling noise to my right. I looked out over the white field to see a silhouette of antlers! I froze in place & for a moment thought I must surely be seeing a log or fallen tree branch, but then remembered the field was clear from harvest. At that moment the suspicious tree branch turned & in moving forward I could then clearly see it was a stag walking over the slight rise of a hill; Oh, he was stunning to behold back-lit by the reflective water of a pond in the distant! Just a few moments prior to this I had been speaking the words of my ritual aloud so I'm certain the deer knew I was there too. He moved a little closer & seemed to indeed be watching me in return. We both stood still for quite some time before I decided he was in fact a little too close & I was a little too far from my patio door. Besides, my fingers were getting numb & the time to go just felt right. Indeed I felt the Divine presence of both the Goddess & God on this Winter Solstice morning! Now, the sun is beginning to rise at last. I think I'll step outside. May your day be bright with Yuletide blessings!

Don't forget that on December 31 there will be a rare Blue Moon PLUS a partial Lunar Eclipse! High time for magic!

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