Blue Moon Magic

Mondays musing arrives late this week due to unexpected life circumstances, which calls the matter of time to my attention. Wednesday is the awaited Winter Blue Moon!
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 A Blue Moon is the rather rare occurrence of a second Full Moon within the same month. Being so close to the Winter Solstice lends an extra potency of magic energy to this already powerful second moon. Any Blue Moon is going to be a terrific time to do spells to help you realize goals, find strength and aide healing, so this moon falling at the end of the year makes for mighty New Year's Resolutions; Be clear and direct about your need, or new goal, and you will find the strength to follow through! A Blue Moon is also a time known for passion and the wishes of countless lovers have been made under its light. Wednesday night offers the opportunity for love spells or to discover the identity of a future spouse, indeed all divination performed on this night will have a boost of prophetic power. So step out into the light and cast a spell, make a wish, or simply admire the celestial beauty.

*Conjure This: For general good luck throughout the year take a coin that has been found and bury it in the ground under the light of the Blue Moon.


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