Winter Solstice Morning

Ambrosia Graphics Wheel of the YearFor today's musing we're greeted by the Winter Solstice, 12:47 PM Eastern, USA. This Solstice morning is deeply quiet with no wind at all. I performed a small ceremony outside long before the sun rise; Small to be quick because it is quite cold! The land is enveloped in a blanket of snow & when I was out there earlier a gentle peppering of fresh flakes were falling. The open field behind my patio held a treasure trove of fresh animal tracks not yet frozen; Though the night was still there was obviously much activity hidden around the area. I noted foot prints of several sizes of deer, rabbit, fox, raccoon & what was certainly the neighborhood feral cats. The Earth this morn was vibrant & seemed more alive to me than She had since I experienced Her shake me up as an earthquake; the presence of the Goddess shimmered in darkened stillness.

Stag bell previously sold at the Curio Castle Shoppe at EtsyAfter I finished my ritual I heard a rustling noise to my right. I looked out over the white field to see a silhouette of antlers! I froze in place & for a moment thought I must surely be seeing a log or fallen tree branch, but then remembered the field was clear from harvest. At that moment the suspicious tree branch turned & in moving forward I could then clearly see it was a stag walking over the slight rise of a hill; Oh, he was stunning to behold back-lit by the reflective water of a pond in the distant! Just a few moments prior to this I had been speaking the words of my ritual aloud so I'm certain the deer knew I was there too. He moved a little closer & seemed to indeed be watching me in return. We both stood still for quite some time before I decided he was in fact a little too close & I was a little too far from my patio door. Besides, my fingers were getting numb & the time to go just felt right. Indeed I felt the Divine presence of both the Goddess & God on this Winter Solstice morning! Now, the sun is beginning to rise at last. I think I'll step outside. May your day be bright with Yuletide blessings!

Don't forget that on December 31 there will be a rare Blue Moon PLUS a partial Lunar Eclipse! High time for magic!

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