A Note for Ostara

 The fertile Spring, or Vernal, Equinox has come for this year. Being the Pagan Wicca holiday commonly known as Ostara, it is a great time for re-dedication, re-birth, Wiccaning baby ceremonies or just a lovely walk outside in celebration of the season. The Earth Goddess is now awakening with the growth of new life as the Sky God nourishes the seeds with frequent rain, so today is a perfect time to honor the Deities with offerings of flowers, seeds, or perhaps offer the Earth a basic soil fertilizer from your local home and garden store. All fertility spells and rituals will have added strength today, including those that involve social or financial fertility. This would also be a lovely day to perform prayers, meditations or rituals to send healing energy to the Earth and Sky. Whatever you choose to do today it should be done as celebration, so do have fun too.
If you would like to learn more about Ostara try a general search of the word with your favorite search engine to discover many interesting facts and Ostara connections -- after you come inside for the day. So have some fresh air and enjoy the Spring!

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