Non-corrosive Ritual Tool Cleansing Brew

For consecration & anointing Wicca, Pagan & neo-shamanic ritual magic tools, salt is probably the first thing that comes to most minds when considering removing unwanted accumulated metaphysical energy, but salt is corrosive to a metal athame or a copper cauldron. Salt could also scratch the floor during indoor Circle casting -- not good. I collect vintage tools and craft new ones, so I do a lot of spiritual cleansing and anointing. Over the years I've been asked often about what I use because items folks have purchased arrive with a clear bright energy -- this is the brew I use.

I'm happy to be able to offer a limited supply of my potion for cleansing and welcoming ritual tools! Take a small amount of this pleasant smelling herbal blend to brew a tea like infusion or add to your own oil for a slow infusion. This hand mixed blend of herbs is designed to remove unwanted energy, generate a protective field, plus send a positive bonding energy to both new tools and old, helping to increase a magical connection between you and your ritual tool pal. In the form of a water infusion the blend can also be used to prepare an area for Circle casting because of its cleansing and protective qualities.

This blend may also be burned in a safe dish to smudge like a sage wand; burning mugwort is excellent for calming active ghosts plus each of the herbs are great for cleaning energy and building new good energy in its place. The scent burning is earthy, but pleasant.

All natural herbs won't damage metal ritual tools like purification salt does. Package includes instructions for use. *For ceremonial use. Not intended for ingestion.

instructions for use
1 heaping tablespoon of herbal mixture, (enough to infuse into two small bottles of olive oil or 4 water uses).

Ritual Tool Cleansing Brew #HM059
Primary Material: herbs
Size: 1 heaping tablespoon
Quantity Currently Available: 2
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white sage
egyptian chamomile

Phoenix Medicine Wand

 Named the Phoenix Medicine Wand this compact 10 3/4" x 1/2" ash wood stick features a magical core of ingredients similar to a those found in medicine bags and bundles, as well as other unique aspects. The size and feel of this wand is sturdy; not that it's unbreakable, but it could handle being stuffed into a Harry Potter style pocket for magic on the go.
The wood itself is a specially gathered White Ash (more info). One of the many magical uses for Ash Wood is for working with or warding away lightning, associated with the Phoenix or Thunderbird. The tip is capped with a fine miniature clear quartz crystal point from the American Southwest, set clean and firmly into place. The smoothed back layers of tree bark near the tip create a pattern reminiscent of a red feather, though the overall color is more brown than seen in the photographs. On this end of the wand a gently smoothed knot revealed a natural sacred spiral design in the bark and others similar to eyes or Yoni symbols. The Yoni like marks were created from the claws of fire red Cardinal birds having perched on the living branch, and the tree healed itself.
The pommel end contains the core. Within the natural stem cavity metaphysical ingredients have been placed to attract energy similar to the legendary Phoenix or Thunderbird. The materials include: Red Pheasant feather, a bit of Brown Bear hide, a bit of Red Fox fur, Mugwort herb, White Sage, Rosemary. This core was then sealed with natural paper clay, and the entire wand was lightly coated with a protective gloss varnish.

*No longer available.

Mini Ash Twig Wands for Spell Craft

 Witch Whats Mini Twig Wand of White Ash Wood: These small ash wood sticks are perfect for spell craft, making your own magic amulet charms, or as mini wands. This ash was felled naturally during a hurricane. Having never touched the ground, it was gathered with love by both feminine and masculine energy during the peak of a Full Moon. Each is about 4 inches long and are about 1/4 to 1/2 inch around with wine red brown color bark intact, with simple raw cut ends. Individually packed nicely with suggested uses included. Get creative with your spell crafts!

USES: Ash twigs can be used for healing, all-purpose magic, especially solar magic, to attract lightning, to remove spells or hexes, ward away unwanted ghosts. A bit of ash may also be worn or kept in your home to protect from general evil or negative influences and can provide protection from a witch's spell against you. An ash staff, wand, or stick placed over a door is said to ward off negative energy and prevent unwanted ghosts from entering, especially when combined with herbs such as mugwort. Ash is the traditional wood used for the Yule log. A solar cross (Brigid's Cross) amulet can be made by binding two twigs together.

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Shared Lives Share Magick

"You may be a solitary witch sitting alone in your sacred circle, but you are never alone in your magick and its effects."
Shared lives share magick, magic, magik -- however you choose to spell the word. If you cast a spell & get no results, cast it again at a better time for the associated energy. If you continue to lack results, but you know your request is a genuine need the Universe should fulfill, take a look around you. The spell may be what's best for YOU but it may not be for others nearby that results could effect. For example, no matter how much you spell for a new car or a puppy it might not take hold if your living partners like the car you share or don't see room for a puppy in your shared lives. Because your energies are combined with your living partners your solo desires may not be what's best for everyone in the home. Hold to your ethics though and resist casting a spell in the hopes that your partner will desire that puppy or new car because the outcome will likely not be good. It is never a good idea to cast a spell for another person and certainly not without their permission! It would be far more easy to wiggle your nose and poof, but magick isn't easy and must be used with care. In this situation you must either change your need -- better wording during spell casting may help -- or change how you communicate with the people you live with, expressing how important the issue is to you, and listen to the points of interest they may raise; You could uncover truths about your needs and each other that you hadn't been able to see before. If, however, they won't budge on what your points are or you are unable to discuss the issues with them for whatever reason then you must change your game plan altogether. Why do you need a puppy? It may sound like a trivial thing as an example, but a pet can have as many valid "uses" to a person as a new car. Perhaps joining a social club or donating time to a youth organization could fill the same needs a puppy would. Why do you need a new car, if considering that were the issue at hand? Maybe a spell for a good affordable mechanic or a reasonable new paint job instead would be fine for you and your living partners. Then too -- Gods forbid -- you may have a living situation where the others choose not to communicate or don't take your true NEEDS (not just stuff you want) seriously, and in that case family counseling might be a better direction to look for help then magick all by itself. Magick is a helper -- not a total solution to any situation. You must think about the words you choose and the effects the magick may have upon others else things can go very awry! I hope I haven't lost the reader in examples. My point is to show that magick often requires compromise, communication, and lots of trial -- hopefully not the error portion of that phrase too, but we learn from our mistakes. You may be a solitary witch sitting alone in your sacred circle, but you are never alone in your magick and its effects. If your true needs in a spell request are best for all involved then the Universe will supply. Never try to force a spell, but do share your magick with the ones you love.

-- Tree Pruitt