Shared Lives Share Magick

"You may be a solitary witch sitting alone in your sacred circle, but you are never alone in your magick and its effects."
Shared lives share magick, magic, magik -- however you choose to spell the word. If you cast a spell & get no results, cast it again at a better time for the associated energy. If you continue to lack results, but you know your request is a genuine need the Universe should fulfill, take a look around you. The spell may be what's best for YOU but it may not be for others nearby that results could effect. For example, no matter how much you spell for a new car or a puppy it might not take hold if your living partners like the car you share or don't see room for a puppy in your shared lives. Because your energies are combined with your living partners your solo desires may not be what's best for everyone in the home. Hold to your ethics though and resist casting a spell in the hopes that your partner will desire that puppy or new car because the outcome will likely not be good. It is never a good idea to cast a spell for another person and certainly not without their permission! It would be far more easy to wiggle your nose and poof, but magick isn't easy and must be used with care. In this situation you must either change your need -- better wording during spell casting may help -- or change how you communicate with the people you live with, expressing how important the issue is to you, and listen to the points of interest they may raise; You could uncover truths about your needs and each other that you hadn't been able to see before. If, however, they won't budge on what your points are or you are unable to discuss the issues with them for whatever reason then you must change your game plan altogether. Why do you need a puppy? It may sound like a trivial thing as an example, but a pet can have as many valid "uses" to a person as a new car. Perhaps joining a social club or donating time to a youth organization could fill the same needs a puppy would. Why do you need a new car, if considering that were the issue at hand? Maybe a spell for a good affordable mechanic or a reasonable new paint job instead would be fine for you and your living partners. Then too -- Gods forbid -- you may have a living situation where the others choose not to communicate or don't take your true NEEDS (not just stuff you want) seriously, and in that case family counseling might be a better direction to look for help then magick all by itself. Magick is a helper -- not a total solution to any situation. You must think about the words you choose and the effects the magick may have upon others else things can go very awry! I hope I haven't lost the reader in examples. My point is to show that magick often requires compromise, communication, and lots of trial -- hopefully not the error portion of that phrase too, but we learn from our mistakes. You may be a solitary witch sitting alone in your sacred circle, but you are never alone in your magick and its effects. If your true needs in a spell request are best for all involved then the Universe will supply. Never try to force a spell, but do share your magick with the ones you love.

-- Tree Pruitt