Mini Ash Twig Wands for Spell Craft

 Witch Whats Mini Twig Wand of White Ash Wood: These small ash wood sticks are perfect for spell craft, making your own magic amulet charms, or as mini wands. This ash was felled naturally during a hurricane. Having never touched the ground, it was gathered with love by both feminine and masculine energy during the peak of a Full Moon. Each is about 4 inches long and are about 1/4 to 1/2 inch around with wine red brown color bark intact, with simple raw cut ends. Individually packed nicely with suggested uses included. Get creative with your spell crafts!

USES: Ash twigs can be used for healing, all-purpose magic, especially solar magic, to attract lightning, to remove spells or hexes, ward away unwanted ghosts. A bit of ash may also be worn or kept in your home to protect from general evil or negative influences and can provide protection from a witch's spell against you. An ash staff, wand, or stick placed over a door is said to ward off negative energy and prevent unwanted ghosts from entering, especially when combined with herbs such as mugwort. Ash is the traditional wood used for the Yule log. A solar cross (Brigid's Cross) amulet can be made by binding two twigs together.

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