Rustic Ash Knot Wand

This new natural finished wand is ready to emerge from my witches cabinet to begin its search for an owner; a partner in magic. 15 inches long, and handmade from the same special metaphysical White Ash wood I've offered before, this wand retains the look of a natural tree branch. Small knots have been smoothed over, showing the warm tone of the wood grain beneath the bark. The pommel handle end features a large open knot in the wood which, though rustic looking, is surprisingly comfortable to the touch. The hand rubbed finish has a warm golden tone to the natural tree bark colors of red brown.

Rustic Knot Ash Wand (other items not included).
The ends of this wand hold special features of their own. On the projection tip is a natural clear quartz crystal. The crystal was hand collect in the American West and has a small second point growing off to one side; this stone is active and ready to work! It's set into place with my own tested methods using no power tools; the wood was hand carved to match the shape of the stone like a puzzle piece. The pommel end is shaped simply for comfort. The magickal core is on this end, and is sealed closed with natural paper clay. The ingredients of this core are all plant totems, my Ritual Tool Cleansing Brew, so this is an animal friendly wand.
Crystal tipped projection end.
Overall this wand has the sturdy feel of a work tool yet also a balance of energy suited for all magic uses. A balance of masculine to feminine energy also exists physically in the stick because the wood was gather by my husband and myself plus the shape is reminiscent of both genitalia. Male energy is symbolised by the long projection end and female energy is represented by the "Yoni" like opening of the knot on the pommel, or receiving, end. When the metaphysical properties of the materials are taken into account with the energy the wand seems to exude it could be described as a steady work-horse for all-purpose spells from spiritual protection to healing, evocations and invocations, weather work to Circle casting and more.

Pommel end.
Here are the basic item information tidbits... 
  • Title: Rustic Ash Knot Wand
  • #hm058
  • Material: White Ash wood
  • Size: 15" long x 1" plus (in areas) in diameter
  • Tip: clear quartz crystal, double tipped (hand collected from Montana, USA)
  • Pommel Core: herbal blend (see details above)
  • Finish: natural
  • Crafted through 2010 - 2011, with all materials grown in America
  • Price in USA: $72.00 total with Priority Mail shipping cost included

If you'd like to know if this wand is available just contact me or visit the Witch Whats shop section. All of the spiritual ritual tools that I craft are always only worked on in a positive environment with a ritual mind-set using the highest quality materials possible for heirloom quality authenticity. 
-- Tree Pruitt