Daily Prayer to the God

Though Pagan inspired, this simple prayer is non-denominational and a nice expression for the Nature lover who honors the Divine Masculine. Feel free to share this prayer to the God in text (with credentials please) or via the graphic image I made using one of my abstract paintings as the background. Enjoy!

Lord of a thousand winds that blow,
He who is the glittering of fallen snow,
You are the suns rays on ripening grain,
Your spirits found in thundering rain.
You are the mornings quiet hush
 before we awake and start to rush
 about our daily lives.
Great Lord and God, be with us day and night!
Grant that we may use Your light
 to guide us through the days!

"Daily Prayer to the God", ©1996 and graphic ©2012 by Tree Pruitt.

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Smokey pentagram bar graphic is from Ambrosia's Realm of Graphics.

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