Ritual Cleaning of Crystals and Gemstones At Imbolc

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 Being that Imbolc is the earliest of Spring holidays on the Wheel of the Year it's a perfect time for stone purification ritual and crystal cleansing... a little bit of spiritual Spring cleaning! Here in my blog I've shared my Imbolc ritual for cleansing and charging my stones.
 If you use gemstones in psychic energy work and magick, or simply keep bowls of rocks and crystals to boost the metaphysical energy in your home (feng shui), its good to cleanse them every now and then. Not just washing off physical debris, cleansing the stones removes any accumulated imbalanced or negative energy and most importantly helps to renew your bond with old geo-pals. All stones should be "cleared" when newly acquired to remove any imbalanced psychic energy as well as to reset the physical piezoelectric field of crystals, and this is generally done by immersing the stone for one to three days in either sea salt or fresh earth, but once you've cleared a stone a simple cleansing from time to time is all that should be needed. Some stones, such as natural Citrine and Diamonds, are thought to not need psychic cleansing of accumulated energy, yet they will still need to be cleaned of accumulated dust at some point if left sitting in the open.
Witch Whats cleansed stones in a wood bowl.

 There are many methods for cleansing, but for my Imbolc Sabbat clean I used water and fire. Water is the basic element of Spring cleaning, so using melted snow or freshly captured Winter rain would be ideal. Imbolc is mainly a festival of fire, sympathetic magick intended to call back the warmth of Summer, so I feel that Fire is an excellent choice of elements to use for re-charging my stones at this time of the year. This is a ritual but should be relaxed and less formal than other Imbolc celebrations might be, and this IS a celebration because you should love your stones enough to enjoy and honor them if you'll be working with them in healing or magick.
 Stones associated with the Imbolc celebration are Amethyst, Bloodstone, Garnet, Ruby, Onyx, Turquoise so they can be used in this ritual in place of colored candles at the Directional Power Points, (North, South, East, West, Spirit/Center), by placing them next to a white tealight candle. The stones may also be used instead of candles if an abundance of flame is a concern to your work space -- don't burn your elbows! Be sure to cleanse those stones you use prior to this ceremony though. Follow your personal traditions for color/direction/element associations. I used... Turquoise to my left for the West , Garnet in front away from me for the North, Amethyst to my right for East, Ruby directly in front of me for the South, and a soft blue candle in the middle for the spiritual Center. The incense I chose was dragon's blood.

What You'll Need To Conjure This:

  • gathered stones to cleanse
  • Directional Power Point stones for Imbolc: Amethyst, Bloodstone, Garnet, Ruby, Turquoise, Onyx
  • bowl of cool water (add a very small drop of dish soap if stones have gotten very dirty, but warm water and soap can cause damage to some gems so be frugal. Don't pour your water outside afterwards if you use detgergant.)
  • decorative towels (1 to set them on before cleaning, 1 to wipe stones, 1 to set them to dry)
  • White or light blue candle and a white tealight
  • incense appropriate to Imbolc and/or cleansing (sage, dragon's blood, pine or cedar, sandalwood)
  • Ritual Cleansing Brew or use any of the following: mugwort herb, lavender, evergreen, pine, and/or sage
  • Cauldron for cleansed stones to rest until finished. Though the cauldron is usually a feminine symbol of the Goddess womb, for Imbolc it represents masculine in the new God born from the womb at Yule and the Dagda, Father of the Gods.

 I began by gathering all of the stones I intended to clean. I have many in my collection so I will likely do this more than once for Imbolc between January 31st to February 3rd, and so for space I use a large table top rather than a ritual altar. I like laying down dish towels that have images of burning candles on them such as those marketed for the Christmas holiday because the bright festive look is perfect for Imbolc.
 After gathering the needed supplies I begin entering a ritual frame of mind; You can do this by using your favorite method of choice. I set up my working space by laying the Directional Power Point stones and invoking the Elements. I then lit my Center candle with invocations to the God and Goddess. My water bowl was placed off to the left in an easy to reach position. I sprinkled a pinch of my herbal Ritual Cleansing Brew onto the water, stirring in clockwise with the fingertip of my projection hand to charge the water for cleansing. I lit the incense to my right, in the East/Air position. The stones to be cleansed are lain in the North position, in front of me. A small cauldron pot waited off to my right side.

Ritual Cleaning of Crystals and Gemstones At Imbolc

To begin cleansing I chose several stones at a time and set them into the water bowl. Then I removed them one at a time. As a stone is pulled out of the water I swirled it counter-clockwise three times visualising it clean and rubbing any unwanted energy away. Then I rubbed the stone dry, while still visualising cleansing. As I'm doing this I mentally said hello to the stone and spent a little time thinking about it's purpose with me; what it's used for and it's attributes. I also admire any physical traits I enjoy about the way the stone looks because that will further send it positive energy. You might have a favorite chant or Imbolc prayer to recite while doing this. Once reasonably dry each stone was held up in front of the candle flame allowing the light to shine on the surface of the stone to better see its natural beauty. In front of the flame I asked the Goddess Brigid to bless the stone, then set it on the other towel to finish drying before moving on to the next.
Petition of Blessing from Brigid for an Object

Oh Goddess Brigid,
Bringer of fire and healing to hearths,
Maiden of sacred Sisters three,
Grant Your blessing upon this treasure
That in Your service it may be!
Let light illuminate the darkness!

By the time I reached the last stone in the water the first one set to dry is finished so I return to it, resting off to the side on a towel. Now is the point of rebirth after cleansing. One by one the stones were placed into the cauldron, a symbol of rebirth. The Dagda was the Father of the Goddess Brigid and had a magic cauldron known for great abundance. Here the stones receive blessing from the God for their good service to human needs. When I was finished the cauldron filled to the brim, abundant with stones loving each other.

Petition of Blessing from The Dagda for an Object

Oh great Dagda --
Teacher, Father, Provider --
Bringer of wisdom through bard song and,
Keeper of the cauldron in which bounty never ends,
Grant Your blessing to this treasure,
That in Your service it may be.
Let its energy be renewed!
To finish out my ritual I picked up the Directional Power Point stones, thanking the respective Elements in closing. I used the flame of my larger blue candle to light the white tealight, which was then allowed to burn out. I thanked the Gods for Their presence and extinguished the blue candle.
 Clean up is the final portion of the ritual. The Directional Power Point stones and blue candle were placed on my household Imbolc altar. The water was poured outside into the Earth, the bowl cleaned and put away. I replaced the stones to their regular display storage areas. I treated this action with an air of celebration sort of like a reverse Easter egg hunt. Have fun at the work if you do this! Enjoy your stones and they will enjoy working with you.

The above ritual could easily be adapted to other Sabbats and the petitions used with items other than stones. Thank you for visiting my blog, and please do let me know if you adapt my ritual because I'd love to share in your experience too!

Brightest of blessings!
 -- Tree

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