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Few books get borrowed more often than those that fall under the subjects of Metaphysical, New-Age, and Occult. It's due in part to the lure of the topics, but the nature of seekers often is to share with fellow seekers. However due to the nature of day to day life those borrowed books, or other media, often don't get returned to the owner. Here I'm sharing my simple little spell to secure the return of a borrowed book.

 I'll often give this spell an extra boost by writing it directly onto the media. My copy of a book by Scott Cunningham has been lent out more times than I can recall, and I read once that "Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner" is the number one book returned least often when borrowed out, but mine with the spell has always returned. Perhaps I can state from empirical evidence that the spell works because my husbands personal copy (from before we were an "us") was not spelled upon, nor was it returned when last borrowed; As a matter of fact, the borrower said that they lent it someone else that also had failed to return it. So I believe that writing the words of the spell directly onto the media will help remind the person borrowing it that it needs to go home when they are done.
Verse for a borrowed book, by Tree Pruitt.
Verse for a borrowed book.
There are other additions to help ensure a book is returned to you such as a dried bamboo leaf bookmarker for luck or a simple "from the library of" label. Without fail, though sometimes it may take a long time, every book that I've performed this spell upon has returned to our home library.

Conjure This:
  • *Best performed on a Sunday or Wednesday near to or at Full Moon if possible.
  • *Can utilize throat and solar plexus chakras by pulling energy in through those locations.
  • Prepare an altar top or other suitable work space.
  • Have your book or other media at the ready.
  • Prepare to burn a small amount of herb. Use one or a combination of the following: Dragon's Blood, Chamomile, Pine, Rowan, Mugwort or a Dragon's Blood incense.
  • Have a YELLOW candle
  • Have a pen with non-fading ink or permanent marker if you'll be writing on your item.
  • Have 4 clear quartz crystals, of any size, as energy amplifiers.
  • Have the spell verse that is shown below at the ready.
"Borrow and read,
love and learn,
but when you are done,
please return."

When you're ready to begin light the candle. Set the crystals as a four point square with the points facing inward. Place your media item inside that square. If you intend to do so, this is the point in which you should cast a Sacred Circle and/or invoke the assistance of deities and elementals. Light the herb and blow on it gently until the smoke billows up. While chanting the spell verse pass your media item through the smoke, high above the heat. You can slowly fan-flip the pages of a book or rotate a compact disk; be sure to open disk cases else you could have only the case returned to you minus its CD or DVD partner! In a whispered voice, because whispers use more breath than regular speaking, breath the verse into the spine of a book or onto a disk. Visualise the words of the verse glowing on the surface of your media item; know that you have placed them there forever or until you release the spell. Place the item back inside the crystal space. If you plan on writing the verse physically onto the item this is the time to pick up the pen. Then, because the spell-goal is a matter of objects passing from hand-to-hand I prefer to raise personal energy by briskly rubbing my hands together above the item being spelled. Whisper-chant the verse into your hands. When you feel your energy reaching its peak quickly pull your hands away from eachother while expelling an energized breath at the media item. This breath should be a loud huffed release of your personal energy in a blast, and should make a sound similar to "Ooo-AH!". Then bring your hands together in a loud clap. Add an expression of gratitude to your closing to attract the gratitude of having your item returned: A simple "thank you" will suffice. It is done.

 More Thoughts:
It's not placing a spell upon the person borrowing the media from you, but on the item itself. The verse when written on the item acts as a reminder to the borrower, but in the action of the spell it is for the item. It could be re-considered as if the item were talking to you and saying, "I will borrow out my services and participate in the read, the love, and I will help the borrower to learn, but when I'm through with my work I'll return to you".

Sometimes, as with all spells, the results can express in unexpected ways. While visiting someone I walked by a bookcase in the hallway and felt a tingle sensation pull my attention to the case. I paused, and my hand went directly to a book that had been borrowed from me two years prior! It had simply been placed on the shelf for tidiness after having been read, but then forgotten about. I hadn't needed the book, so it wasn't on the forefront of my mind either. The spell had waited for the right time for its expression. Soon thereafter I did have a need to reference that particular book (this, of course, was prior to the search engine age).

Thus is my spell to have a borrowed bit of media returned. As always, if you use any of the information in this blog do it for free; please don't sell it or charge a fee. Share your results and comments here, and if you do use any of the information provided here do it at your own risk. I can't point to specific references used in the writing of this spell because I wrote it so long ago, but it utilizes basic tables of correspondences; i.e. colors and timing. I hope that readers found this post to be helpful, and I thank you for your visit!

-- Copyright Tree Pruitt

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