Tabby Rowan Wand

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This item is a special mini wand crafted from a bent rowan wood twig in a natural state, still wearing its attractive red grey bark and lichen. The projection end tip curves back to hold a genuine clear Tabular Crystal point. This wand comes with a hand sewn soft leather storage pouch. 
 Rowan makes for a powerful wand that is said to protect a user during any form of magical work. Use a rowan wand in binding spells, to deflect and repell magical or psychic attack, to remove spirits or ghosts, and in ceremonies of protection. This rowan wood was ethically pruned from a healthy tree. The bark was lightly smoothed by hand for a comfortable feel and touch.

 Clear Quartz is known as the stone of power and amplifies any energy or intention. It protects against negativity, attunes to your higher self, and strengthens the aura. Quartz crystals with a flat shape like a tablet are called Tabular, “Tabby”, or "Tablet" Quartz. They are considered to be the ultimate crystal for communication use. These special stones are excellent for transmitting energy, thought, and communication with higher realms. They can be used as activators for other crystals, making them great for gridding and energy healing too.

Name of Wand: Tabby Rowan Wand #hm087
By: Tree Pruitt
Primary Materials: Rowan wood, quartz crystal, leather
Size: 4 3/ 4''wand,  6" leather drawstring pouch
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