Crafted Triple Goddess Figures

It figures that at this time of year the Triple Goddess would once again be dominating my thoughts, with Beltane on the morrow. Today I finished sculpting the third of three little Fimo Goddess', the Mother, and tonight am preparing Her for final baking. The set of loosely formed figures includes the Maiden, Mother, and Crone in swirling stone looking clay, each holding a pristine genuine quartz crystal point. I prefer natural materials so I don't work with Fimo often, but here the durable product is great because the figurines can be touched or even played with in fun! I'm still considering how they will display when finished; I don't want to glue them down to a surface, that's for sure! I'm keeping my inspirational eye open for some display solution that will be natural and perhaps intriguing, just like the Goddess.
The Goddess is ever moving, ever changing, ever creating!

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