News of the New Year

Happy new year to you! It's being a very happy start to 2015 for Witch Whats with an increase in activity overall. On the Facebook Page we celebrated peaking 500 Likes at the first of the month! Now it's looking as if the page will cross 600 before the end of January! I want to issue an official thanks to all my fans and followers! I will endeavor to share even more interesting and educational witchy what-knots the rest of this year along with more unique Witch Whats products.

Speaking of products... Witch Whats is enjoying a growing space at the popular shopping site Etsy. Wands, cups, pentacles, bowls, amulets and other magickal items are available in the store section titled "Witch Whats". All of the items are either made made or hand selected by me personally.

In the realm of my personal life I am enjoying the company of a familiar spirit. While fostering a litter of kittens recently one little guy expressed a special ability to tap into my heart chakra. I encouraged his love and was happy that his future owner was going to get such a sweet baby. But when the day came for him to leave I felt as if my heart had been ripped out as he went out the door! I called my husband who said that he'd never seen a cat act like this guy did with me and that there was a special bond I would be a fool to let go. I immediately called the adoption organization that had taken him! With tears in my eyes I welcomed him home after he came out of surgery.

 Little Clawdius is now my boy and he's expressed a great interest in energy work of all sorts! He loves on me as if I'm cat nip and shows up out of nowhere the moment that I raise energy for magick or healing. He's also keen to Earth energy changes and Solar activity -- a very sensitive kitty for a sensitive gal! Right now everything is play to him so I don't expect him to keep his paws to himself at the altar but he does treat magickal tools with respect while exploring them. As he matures I'll increase the level of seriousness when we're in Circle together. He's proven time and again that he can handle and perhaps even transmute my high-key energy so in addition to having a huge heart connection we will likely be able to do some good work together in the future!

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