This site is my magick inspired blog and paranormal experience journal. It features witchcraft information from the hedge and hearth, haunting ghost encounters, handmade ritual tools such as wands and rattles, Wicca and Pagan information, free spells and amulets to try, plus original art inspired by these topics.

 "Witch Whats" is also the title of a section in my Etsy shop, where you can shop my handmade Wiccan, Pagan, Neo-Shamanic, and witchcraft goods. I also made a Twitter connected Facebook Page titled Witch Whats for the comments and posts a bit too small to blog and sharing the little treasures that social media can reveal.
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GREETINGS... my name is Tree. I'm artist and a polytheistic solitary Wiccan. Not all Wiccans practice magick, or use spells of any kind, but I do consider myself to be a Hedge Witch as well. For over 30 years I've been in private study and practice of the occult, metaphysical sciences, and neo-Paganism with a strong interest in sympathetic magick -- both ancient and modern within World cultures. I enjoy sharing the things that I learn and create, so that is my motivation for creating this site. I've also had quite a few uncommon experiences throughout my life -- paranormal, spiritual, psychic, cryptozoology, UFO -- and a blog is a wonderful way to unpack those memories and possibly gain new insight too.

 *Using stuff from this site:
I do my best to write original content for you, and some of the images are my own art work, but I'll let you know resources I may have reference whenever possible. You may USE the text I write here, but not for profit or personal gain; it's copyrighted so please don't re-post it on your own retail site. Brief quotations for review or copy for your own personal use is fine.

Conjure This
If you try any ideas from this site, such as in "Conjure This" sections, please do share the experience with others; let us know how it went! Comments can be posted here under each post topic entry.

ALL GRAPHICS must be credited to the original owner, if copied from this site. Most of the graphics I use were generously offered for free use, with a return link, by two main resources, or made by myself.
*Ambrosia's Realm of Graphics http://emergraphiks.tripod.com/
*WitchWhats http://www.witchwhats.com

It must be said that the reader uses all advise, remedies, or suggestions at their own risk. Always take care when dealing with children in any regards but especially when taking advise from others; use your own discretion. If you feel you have emotional or physical difficulties consult an expert before using herbal or home remedies.

Together we learn & grow.

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